Is your dining warm or simply practical?

When it comes to your dining room, it's nice to think of ways to make it comfortable, warm and inviting. Adding accessories is always a great way to add character and build warmth.
However here we look at the core essentials to warm dining.
With most dining rooms / kitchens, you'll get a dining table.  Dining tables can create such a large statement to your room.  Not just the style of your table, but also the what's it's made out of. 
Our Farringdon range shown here, is made using over 100 year old reclaimed wood.  The wood comes with all it's previous industrial markings.  All of which gets kept to create character and charm.   
Using sustainably sourced wood, such as the reclaimed wood in the Farringdon range, is a gemlike style. The history and character of this wood adds such warmth to the room.  The finish is also stunning to touch, which is important when creating this finish.
Warmth aside, dining tables also need to be practical.  And one of the real beauties of using old reclaimed wood is that it ages well.  
Many new dining tables can look a little scruffy as the years go on.  The lacquer may crack, dents or marks appear.  But the beauty of reclaimed wood on your table top is that the ageing of your table top just simply blends in to form more character.  
When holding a dinner part around a Farringdon dining range, the character and charm of the markings creates conversation.  It's also likely you'll get a lot of people wanting to feel the wood, as it feel so natural and interesting.  
To see a little more of the Farringdon range, take a peak below.
Farringdon Reclaimed Wood Dining Chairs (pair)
Farringdon Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table with Drawers 

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