3 interesting boardroom tables made for successful businesses

Oldman Industrial Reclaimed Wood Boardroom Table and Leather Chairs

Every business needs to pay attention to the impression it creates when customers, potential clients and stakeholders visit its premises. With this in mind, we take a look at three of our recently launched products – boardroom tables that will mark your business for success.

The Winston Grand Industrial Oak Extendable Table

Winston Grand Industrial Oak Extendable Table 

Boardroom tables tend to have a presence just by their size, but if you want yours to have more of an impact, the Winston Grand Industrial Table is the choice for you. The industrial style is where wood meets metal, with an edginess that makes the whole piece stand out which is exactly what this table does.

It makes a statement and with two extendable leaves at either end, it is a versatile addition too.

Carson Grand Oak Extending Table

Carson Grand Oak Trestle Extending Farmhouse Table 

There is a satisfying heftiness to this table that gives off all the right messages: the detailing on the grandiose legs ooze quality and craftsmanship. The traditional styling of the Carson Grand Oak Table makes it the perfect pieces for many boardrooms. Like the Winston table, it has extendable leaves at either end and is large enough to accommodate large meetings.

People will notice the smaller details of your business. Solid oak furniture does, after all, last the test of time, a true indicator of your confidence in your business.

Oldman Raw Steel Industrial Reclaimed Wood Table

Oldman Industrial Reclaimed Wood Boardroom Table

But sometimes, less is more and if you feel that the last two examples would be ‘too much’ for your business in terms of their size and impact, you will want a boardroom table that offers style without the fuss.

The Oldman Industrial Reclaimed Wood Table is simple ideal. Uncluttered, unfussy and yet with a character all of its own, it is an increasingly popular choice for modern businesses with new ways of working.

Most of our products breathe new life into old wood, creating a reclaimed furniture range that is stunning beyond words. The combination of reclaimed wood and the sturdy metal legs of this table are the epitome of the industrial look, with a hint of minimalism.

Industrial furniture is simple, but not devoid of character, and large without being imposing. The Oldman table is an ideal boardroom table with more than a hint of versatility about it.

Boardroom Chairs

Of course, the table is only one boardroom tool: boardroom chairs are essential too. But ditch the ideas of uncomfortable, formal seating.

Allegro Cerato Leather Dining Chair with Steel Leg

The choice is entirely yours, but may we suggest the Allegro brown leather chair with steel legs as working well with the Windsor boardroom table? The harmonious marriage between steel and wood is further enhanced by the third ingredient of brown leather. Black leather would work just as well, but there is something more au naturel about brown or tan leather, don’t you think?

Allegro Cerato Leather Dining Chairs

The Allegro brown leather chair is the ideal boardroom partner for the Carson boardroom table. With its wooden legs, the beautifully shaped Allegro chairs are always a hit with customers and when the inevitable hours-long meeting happens, you know you will be comfortable throughout.

Dolomite Leather Dining Chairs

The Dolomite leather chair, on the other hand, has the functional beauty that makes it the perfect partner to minimal and industrial styled Oldman boardroom tables. A deep but supportive seat, the minimal, yet striking leg design mimics that of the Oldman table and thus, you create a sense of cohesive style to your boardroom. How impressive is that?

Your boardroom is important so why not invest in it? Which of these tables and chairs would be the perfect combination for your successful business?

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