5 Inspirations for your Sustainable Interior Designs

Finding the latest sustainable design, hot trends, or the new blend of interior colours to use, has changed drastically over the years. We now have access to so many design sources. Here are our top 5 favourite ways of keeping up to date:
  1. With over 30 large interior design exhibitions taking place in the UK this year alone, we live in a great place to get out and find inspiring ideas.  From Eco Build, to Ideal Home Show or Grand Designs Live, the list goes on. Each show will have their own displays of exciting and sustainable interiors.   And a real benefit of going to these shows, are the talks that take place.   Often leaders in the field will share their creative ideas and expertise.
  1. Pinterst Pinterest we love you! The pin board that has fast become a designers dream board. You can search on it. You can create your own interior boards. Share boards and ideas with others. You can find trends you love and then start following these boards.
It’s the paradise for designers! You’ll often find that most furniture design website will offer the pinterest icon on both the main home page as well as product page. Allowing designers to pin more images to their boards.
 how to pin furniture to your pinterest board
  1. Interior Magazine, both on and off line, are not to be forgotten! These magazines will often lead the way for consumers. Thus a marketing dream for any company getting coverage in them. There are a whole range of magazine to watch out for, and they don’t always need to be the big brands such as Living Etc, Ideal Homes, House to Home and so on.
interior home magazines used to get interior ideas
They can also be more independent ones, such as DecoMag or EluxMagazine, both of which are free online magazines.  
  1. Following blogs written by interior led boutiques such as Port Wood Studio or Modish Living, has become a fantastic place to keep up to date with the latest trends and ideas. But finding the right blog for you can in many cases be a time consuming process. The Interior Design Community has however done the hard work for you, giving you 100 interior design blogs you should follow.
  1. And last but not least.   Just good old-fashioned window shopping! Yes, looking at the latest window displays is an easy and enjoyable way to get ideas.

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