How to Choose the Perfect Wall Mirror

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Wall mirrors give a room a feeling of size. They add a classic touch that is timeless and modern all at once. It is no surprise that mirrors show up everywhere from the Hall of Mirrors in Versailles to your favourite niece's bedroom. So perhaps you want to add mirrors to your home decor, but you aren't sure how to choose the perfect wall mirror.

Picking the right mirror boils down to your intent and what you have to work with. The first thing you need to do is take a tour of the room you want to put your mirror in. What are the dimensions? You don't have to worry too much about the actual mirror dominating as wall mirrors are accommodating by nature, but the frames make the fashion statement. A big wall would do very well with something like our Amalfi Free Standing mirror or Celestial Gold mirror. Their frames deserve all the attention they get, although a special mention here goes to the Golden Pebbles Wall mirror. It has no frames, but it is a series of round mirrors connected in a pond-like pattern. This sort of creativity should get a wall of its own.

Selections such as the Lilly Wall mirror or Deco mirror would compliment smaller spaces. Their frames feel less solid and let the mirror do all the talking. Of course, the mirror and frame should not take up more than a third of the wall it is hanging on, and it should help you put anything near it in relief.

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The decorating theme of the rest of the room should match the mirror. If you are going for a rustic feel, our Moss Floor Standing Reclaimed Wood mirror will match wood furniture. If your decorating scheme is more classic, a simple mirror, such as our Silver Juliette Free Standing mirror or the Cream Sophia mirror, will bring out the simple lines and colours of the rest of the room. The Decco and Sunburst mirrors will blend nicely with the metallic colours and clean shapes of modern, more urban furniture, such as our Industrial Style Silver Metal chair.  

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