Ways to Pack More Storage Into Your Bedroom

We all like to put our stamp on our home design. But space - or the lack of it - is becoming more of an issue, particular in modern homes and city apartments. However, there are many ways that you can maximise space in your bedroom without compromising style.

One of the easiest ways to maximise your bedroom storage is to utilise the space under your bed.

Our Moss Reclaimed Wood Under The Bed Drawer is designed to fit perfectly under your bed to create invaluable extra storage perfect for clothes, shoes or linens. The roller system makes the draw easily accessible and with our optional bespoke sizes, you can make use of whatever space you have!

The beautiful selection of three wood finishes - natural, medium and dark means the Moss Reclaimed Wood Under The Bed Drawer will match any other furniture in your home and the hand waxed finish adds to the bespoke design. A practical and beautiful way of bringing extra storage to your bedroom!

Adding a blanket box is another way of adding space to your bedroom. Our Moss Reclaimed Wood Blanket and Toy Box is a stunning piece hand crafted by skilled craftsmen to make each truly unique.

Again, with a choice of three colours, the blanket box will suit any other furniture in your bedroom and is a fabulous space to store anything from summer clothing to children’s toys. Not only is a blanket box a great way of maximising storage it also adds an elegant and vintage style to your bedroom sure to be the talking point of your decoration. 
To view our range of storage solutions and blanket boxes please visit our website. To discuss bespoke sizing, please feel free to contact us.

Charlotte Blackmore, Blog Editor

Charlotte Blackmore, Blog Editor

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