5 Gorgeous Ways to Bring Colour to Your Living Room

When people think of adding colour into their home, most will choose to add cushions and accessories to brighten up a room. However, adding colour with furniture is sure to make a stunning statement.

At Modish Living, our exclusive range of Mary Rose furniture is an easy way to bring colour and unique character to any room. 

In modern homes, one of the main pieces in any living room is a TV cabinet. The Mary Rose 1 Drawer 2 Door Reclaimed Boat Wood TV & Plasma Cabinet is a stylish and practical option, with the drawer and cupboards being an excellent way of keeping DVDs and remotes out of sight. 

The Mary Rose Reclaimed Boat Wood Coffee Table would also make a perfect addition to your living room. With the colour running through the wood and space underneath to store magazines or blankets, the Mary Rose Coffee Table makes an eye-catching centrepiece to any room. 

If you are looking to bring one statement piece into your room, then the Mary Rose 2 Door Reclaimed Boat Wood Sideboard Cabinet is a stunning choice. With plenty of space for storage, the cabinet would make an excellent addition to any living room and with a variety of colours, you can easily match it to other furniture in your room. 

The Aimee Reclaimed Wood Medium Sideboard is another stunning option for storage in your living room. The ornately detailed doors add an interesting finish and open to reveal two shelves, plenty of space to store books, DVDs or games. 

In an open plan home, the continuation of a style is a great way of bringing unity to your space. The Mary Rose Upcycled Industrial Colourful Chairs are a simple way of doing this. Adding a trendy look, these chairs would work beautifully in your dining room or kitchen and comes in a range of five colours from sky blue to mustard yellow, you could even mix and match to your liking!

To view our range of Mary Rose furniture please view our website. If you have any questions please contact us.

Charlotte Blackmore, Blog Editor

Charlotte Blackmore, Blog Editor

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