How To Get The Best Chest Of Drawers For Your Bedroom!

In any bedroom, a chest of drawers is a staple piece of furniture. For storing anything from socks to winter clothes, our range of chest of drawers Modish Living has got you covered. 

In a neutral colour palette, the Marius Reclaimed Wood Chest of Drawers would be a perfect pop of colour. Rescued from old demolished buildings and boats, the chest of drawers has gorgeous colours running through the wood, giving you a totally unique and eye-catching piece for your bedroom. With slightly angled legs and vibrant colours, the Marius Chest of Drawers is perfect for adding a touch of Scandinavian style and would look simply stunning in any bedroom scheme.
For a more classic style chest of drawers, the Large Beam Reclaimed Wood Chest of Drawers is a stunning chest of drawers full of natural character and charm. Styled with a gorgeous silver mirror above and a sheepskin rug beneath, the Beam Reclaimed Chest of Drawers is perfect for adding a touch of luxury to your bedroom.
In slightly smaller spaces the Beam Reclaimed Wood Tall Chest of Drawers would be a fantastic choice. The tall style means you can pack just as much storage into your room whilst taking up far less floor space. The beautifully curved handles of the Beam Chest of Drawers range to compliment the style perfectly adding a sleek and sophisticated look.
The Beam Reclaimed Wood Chest of Drawers is a strikingly classic chest of drawers which will blend in beautifully with your bedroom furniture. The natural markings of the wood provide a depth of character and will age beautifully over time. With three large drawers across the full width of the chest of drawers and two smaller drawers at the top, the Bremnes Chest of Drawers is a charming piece providing you with both practical storage space and style all at once.

To view our full range of chest of drawers, or for more information on any of the pieces mentioned, please view our website. For any questions, please contact us.

Charlotte Blackmore, Blog Editor

Charlotte Blackmore, Blog Editor

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