Why Steel and Reclaimed Wood Dining Tables are in High Demand

Undone, urban design schemes have been taking home design by storm. A great way of bringing a unique touch full of character, the industrial style blends beautifully with any other room design. 
At Modish Living, our range of steel and reclaimed wood dining tables are a fantastic way of adding a touch of architectural design in a subtle yet striking way.

Try making a statement with our Hyatt Canning Industrial Reclaimed Wood Dining Table! The table combines practicality and style in the best way; with the gorgeous rounded steel legs at each end and the natural wooden table top, it brings plenty of character to any room. Whether you are creating a minimalist or a more traditional design scheme, the Hyatt Dining Table adds a chic yet truly unique touch.

The Hyatt Fulton Reclaimed Wood Industrial Height Adjustable Crank Table is a true masterpiece for smaller spaces. Perfect for use as a centrepiece in your kitchen dining room, the blend of the industrial steel table legs and reclaimed wood table top makes a beautiful modern statement which channels the popular industrial style. The crank is fully functioning, meaning you can use the Hyatt Fulton table as both a day-to-day family dinner table as well as a bar table, perfect for entertaining. This head-turning piece is simply stunning!

Our Vardo range is another stunning way of combining steel and reclaimed wood, in a more subtle way. The Vardo Reclaimed Wood & Steel Legs Dining Table blends old, wood and raw steel which gives is a warm contemporary look.

With the table top being made of matured timber, each table has truly unique markings and comes with its own story. A fantastic table for fitting the whole family around!

To view our full range of steel and reclaimed wood dining tables, please visit our website. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Charlotte Blackmore, Blog Editor

Charlotte Blackmore, Blog Editor

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