Dogs Love Natural Sheepskin and Reindeer Rugs

White Sheepskin Rug as a Dog Bed

Natural sheepskin and reindeer rugs have made a warm and luxurious statement in people’s home for a number of years. A way of creating texture and adding style to any room in your home, rugs are staple pieces which, not only will you love, your dog will too!
White Sheepskin Rug for Dogs in the Home
Whilst it might seem a little extravagant for some dog owners to splash out on them, one thing is for sure, your dog will love them! Perfect for playing or sleeping on, sociable dogs will love napping at the centre of your living room where all eyes are on them. 
Black Sheepskin Rug used as Dog Bed for Chihuahua
Placed near to your fireplace, a natural sheepskin rug will soon be your dogs new favourite spot to sit. Made for the cold conditions of Iceland, our sheepskin rugs are particularly warm and make a lovely sleeping spot which is definitely comfier than your gorgeous wooden floors.
Sheepskin used as Dog Bed in the Garden
Sheepskin rugs are also fantastic if you like to take your dog camping. Something which smells of home and which will keep them warm will be your new best camping friend! 

Sheepskin Rug when Camping with your Dog

Reindeer rugs are also a fantastic option. Our Deluxe Large Finland Reindeer Rug is a luxurious rug perfect for large living or dining rooms. Thick, warm and soft to touch, our Reindeer rugs, your dog will love digging their paws into it and snuggling up when taking a nap. 

To view our full range of reindeer and natural sheepskin rugs, please visit our website. If you are looking for further guidance on finding the perfect rug for your space, please contact us.

Charlotte Blackmore, Blog Editor

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