Why Wooden Dressers Don't Go Out Of Fashion

Wooden dressers are a fantastic piece for your kitchen, adding a gorgeous earthy quality. Whilst perhaps not as popular as they once were, they are a great option for providing storage, and their timeless look means they will never go out of style.

Something we all need in the kitchen is storage. Whether it’s for extra crockery or glass wear, extra storage is always welcomed. Not only are wooden dressers are a great space for keeping all your extra items, they are also perfect for displaying your favourite decorative china and pictures that should be on show for all to admire.

Your kitchen dresser is a reflection on you. Making your kitchen feel more homely, once all your favourite pieces are perfectly displayed on your dresser, it will look totally unique, bringing plenty of character and story. You can even use your dresser as a space for displaying some of your favourite cookery, so you can easily grab them when you are looking for a little food inspiration!

Our stunning Farringdon Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Dressers are a perfect dresser option for modern homes. The sleek lines and rustic style of the dresser brings a classic style right up to date. The light toned, neutral wood means the Farringdon Dresser will look beautiful no matter the colour scheme of your kitchen whether you have white gloss or darker, more traditional units.

To view our gorgeous reclaimed wood dressers, please visit our website. If you are looking for any further guidance on styling in your home, please contact us.

Charlotte Blackmore

Blog Editor, Charlotte Blackmore

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