What treasures would you hide in a Reclaimed Wooden Trunk?

Whiteleaf Reclaimed Wood Trunk Coffee Table Blanket Box

Trunks are well known as blanket boxes, something we typically use for storage at the end of the bed. In small houses, a blanket box could be your new best friend, perfect for keeping those items which take up lots of space.

Open Blanket Box with Storage
Put at the end of the bed, trunks are ideal for keeping cosy blankets during the summer months and extra bed linen. However, they also make a fantastic children’s toy box; with one swoop all their toys can be put in one place, and you will have a clutter free lounge once again!

However a big, current trend is to use trunks as coffee tables. They make a perfect coffee table if you are looking for extra storage, whether its for keeping toys, magazines and catalogues or even an extensive DVD collection.

The Whiteleaf Reclaimed Coffee Table is a perfect example of this. The trunk-style coffee table is large and spacious, however the stunning lightwood means that it is easy to blend it with most living room interiors. Not only this, the gorgeous detailing on the front makes this piece a gem, guaranteed to catch all your guests attention.

Not only is the trunk perfect for using a coffee table to put books and toys in, it is also fantastic for keeping living and dining room accessories such as candle stick holders, napkins, placemats and anything which can be difficult to home.

To view our complete range of trunks at Modish Living, please visit our website. If you have any questions on finding the perfect blanket box for you, do not hesitate to contact us.

Charlotte Blackmore

Charlotte Blackmore, Blog Editor

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