How to make sure furniture fits your room

When furniture shopping, often we see the perfect piece of furniture but it is not perfect for the home. Whether the problem is because it is too big, too small, too expensive or not good enough quality, there is often a reason for not buying the piece we once saw as perfect.

With the Modish Living Bespoke Design Service, you get the best of both worlds. On any of our furniture, which is handmade in the UK, we are able to offer a free Bespoke Design Service to ensure that you get the perfect piece of furniture for your space. This means you can choose the style you want in beautiful reclaimed wood or locally sourced sustainable oak, with the highest quality craftsmanship, all to your exact sizing.

Modish Living have a team on hand that are happy to carry out the free design service. Typically this begins with a phone call to understand your requirements and then the team will produce digital drawings for you to consider. We are happy to amend the drawings until you are happy that you have the perfect piece of furniture for your space, and the best thing is there is no obligation to proceed with the order.

Whatever you are looking for, if you want a piece of furniture that has been made especially for you or you have a small space which needs accounting for, the Modish Living Bespoke may be the answer!

For more details on the service, please contact us or visit our website. If you are interested in getting started on finding the perfect piece of furniture, please contact us.

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