Upholstery versus wooden dining chairs?

With so many options for dining chairs on the market, what is it that makes one style the perfect one for you? From reclaimed wooden chairs, to industrial café chairs, to elegant upholstered chairs, picking just one style can be tricky.

We all love a comfortable seat to sit on at the table, which is why upholstery dining chairs are great. But they are also fantastic if you love to entertain dinner guests. They mean dinner parties can go on comfortably for longer, as people are happier to sit around on a padded seat.

Not only are upholstered seats the best option if you look for comfort first in your dining chairs, they also create luxury style. The Dorset Reclaimed Wood Dining Chairs are a beautiful upholstered option. The simple yet elegant design with the driftwood-style frame and gorgeous upholstered seat looks truly stunning in any kitchen or dining area.

However wooden chairs are more traditional and are made to perfectly match dining tables. If you really love gorgeous wooden furniture, wooden dining chairs can look classic and stylish in your home, and the warmth of the wood adds a really homely feel to your space.

Wooden chairs are also perfect if you have young children, as they can easily be wiped clean. Our handmade Moss High Back Reclaimed Wood Chairs are made using the highest quality wood and look striking around any dining table. The chunky and solid frame not only looks stylish, but means your dining chairs will last you for years to come.

Ultimately, whether you want to go for upholstered or wooden chairs around your dining table is up to you. But you also don’t need to decide. You could have wooden chairs along the side of your dining table and mix in an elegant upholstered seat at either end of your table.

To view our full range of dining chairs, please visit our website. If you need any guidance on finding the perfect dining chairs for your space, please contact one of our team.

Charlotte Blackmore

Blog Editor, Charlotte Blackmore

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