3 Ways to Bring Colour to your Kitchen

The kitchen really is the heart of any modern home. However, often kitchens can lack a little inspiration when it comes to decorating. Here are three ways to add some colour to your kitchen.

If you really want to make a statement, you could add wooden furniture to your kitchen with a hint of colour like our Mary Rose Dining Table and Bench. As the Mary Rose table is made from reclaimed wood, each one is different, so you can really add some character to your kitchen.

Mary Rose Upcycled Industrial Colourful Chairs (per pair)
You could also choose colourful chairs, such as our steel industrial ones. Swapping your matching dining chairs in favour of some more interesting ones really brings your kitchen alive. You could even combine a few different colours to bring your rainbow into your kitchen.

Mary Rose Upcycled Industrial Colourful Chairs (per pair)
Accessories in the kitchen are what gives the room a personal touch. In a glossy white kitchen, you could accessorise with a few bright colours to give a really modern look however if your kitchen is more traditional, perhaps pick out one or two accent colours which really bring the cabinets to life.

An easy way to add a little interest to your kitchen is to use colourful flowerpots or fresh flowers. You could even start growing a small kitchen herb garden to not only add colour but also a beautiful homely scent. As something you can quickly grab to flavour your food, a herb garden is a great option for a subtle pop of green as well as a useful addition to your kitchen.

And you don’t need to stop there either. There are hundreds of options when it comes to brightening up your kitchen. If you really want to bring in some colour, you could paint a wall with a statement splash of paint or have a bright backsplash or for a simple touch store colourful cookbooks on some shelves in your kitchen or choose some statement light fixtures.

Charlotte Blackmore

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