Hall furniture

There was a time when the hallway was deemed to be just the entry room of the house. A place where you would leave your shoes and coats, and throw down your bags.  Many homes would starve the hallway of heating in order to cut down on bills, making them a cold place to be, thus not always that pleasant.  

As time has moved on, we now take pride in our hallway. Treating them more as a beautiful entry to our home. This trend has led to an increased number of articles within glossy home magazines, showing new styles, and beautiful ways to dress your hall.  

Here at Modish Living we like to follow these trends and therefore include some gorgeous solid reclaimed wood console tables, as seen on our site.  Console tables are seen as ideal hallway furniture, not only due to being narrow, but their hight offers a sense of glamour to the room, acting as a narrow table.  

Another perfect item to add to your hallway, depending on the size of your hall, would be to add a beautiful and characterful sideboard. Sideboards come in all sizes, however their narrow width make them particularly convenient as hallway furniture.  They can also tidy up your hall by allowing you to have great storage solutions,  hiding away those gloves and hats at winter time.

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