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"Play dealer for a day" is the title of this feature whereby Homes & Antiques Magazine gave Modish Living, Sarah Moore Vintage and a Homes & Antiques Stylist a budget to spend on purchasing item and to use for repurposing/upcycling/renovating a number of old furniture items. 

The feature includes the journey all three went through, lessons learnt and tips they would recommend for others.  


This was not-for-profit feature, whereby all money raised from the items sold went to the charity Shelter!



  • Ricardo

    As a mother of 3 girls, I just had a boy! This would match pelrtctfywieh his grey room and white nursery. I would love either color! He already snuggles up with his blankets, this one would be even better. :)

  • Imam

    I would love to win the blanket with the yelolw trim because I absolutely love every bit of it and it goes with my nursery perfectly! You are so talented and have such great style. I am having a little girl in over a month and am in need of your style in her nursery! Everything about the blanket is to die for and it would make my year to be chosen to win your blanket. Thanks for your talent!

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