Increase in popularity for reclaimed wood furniture





With lifestyle and interior magazines stressing the beauty and ethics of reclaimed wood furniture, at Modish Living we have found the increased demand for reclaimed wood furniture has led us to be ever-more creative with our ranges.  Originally we worked only with timber salvaged from former barns, factories and homes in the UK; we now also supplies ranges made from old fishing boats and railway sleepers.  

What is the difference between new and aged timber?  Well, aged timber can often be superior to newer materials, and at Modish Living we therefore ensure only high quality reclaimed materials are used through-out our ranges, along with skilled craftsmen to ensure a quality finish.  But quality aside, its the history of reclaimed wood that gives each piece its own identity.  Much of its character and unique texture comes from the scars of its previous industrial use.  This in itself makes each piece of furniture not just something functional, but something of beauty and with a story.  

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