A dining table that will make your room glamorous

Portishead Reclaimed Wood Dining Table and Chairs

Let the dining table be the star of the show, using dining chairs and accessories to support it in all its glamour. It may be a much-needed and essential addition to the home, but this doesn’t mean the dining table has to be bland, boring and functional. Function and glamour can be the best of friends.

But how do you inject glamour? Find out…

The Dining Table

From reclaimed wood to ornate legs and detailing, the dining table can be a glamorous and appealing item. There is also elegance in being understated as there is in a little bit of well-placed detail. This Portishead oval dining table with it carved legs, and reclaimed wood top has all the glamour and detail needed.

Portishead Reclaimed Wood Dining Table Leg

Detail: Height

The crushed velvet sofa that backs onto the wall adds instant glamour and sophistication, with the main vehicle for bringing these qualities to the dining room is the height of the back of the sofa. It is immediately inviting and delightfully decadent. Perfect, we say.

Detail: Materials

There is no doubt that the choice of materials in the dining room will be a major source of glamour and luxury. The sense of touch, as well as vision, is what adds sophistication to any design scheme or style and thus, the feel of luxurious crushed velvet under the fingertips is ideal.

Luxe Daley Velvet Dining Chairs

The Luxe Daley velvet dining chairs, available in either cool grey or statement blue, are the perfect addition alongside the dining table. Imagine taking your seat at the table, and feeling the deep pile of the velvet…

Or, the Ivy upholstered dining chairs bring the warmth of soft upholstery, along with the pleasant detail of the studwork. Also available in understated grey and appealing fabrics.

Detail: Art

Note the well-placed accessories that balance and connect each other. The large oversized clock is not allowed to dominate because the art on the connecting wall is large in stature and design too. Match things with similar dimensions, as well as colour and material but choose something unique too for an extra slice of detailing, such as the wonderful canvas art of Ant Fox.

Ant Fox Wall Canvas

Detail: Accessories

Again, adding glamour is all balance and that means utilising the power of light. Choose large candle holders to accommodate large candles that send out a wonderful flickering but warm, romantic glow.

In smaller or narrower rooms, match the dimensions with slender shapes like the Luce slender candle holders that teams moody black with shining metal With the oval dining table used here, the larger, bulbous vases match and complement it.

For gentler curves and flickering light, these set of three tea light holders make the ideal addition to the dining table, no matter its size, dimensions nor the style you are opting for.

And finally, no matter what the occasion or how often you use the dining room, there is no compensation for the colour nor the delicate scent of fresh blooms. On any dining table, a vase of pretty flowers – choose one flower and colour and stick to it – to bring glamour and to tie it all together too.

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