A new sustainable collection to transform your bedroom

At Modish Living, we are all about style but driving this is sustainability. We know that we can have stylish, affordable furniture without causing harm to our planet. And our latest range, the Bahamas Collection, is no different.

And yet it is different. Made from mango wood with teak, mahogany and Mindy ash veneers, this is a truly exquisite range. Beautifully detailed, we have not lost sight of sustainability because of all woods in use today, mango wood must surely be one of the most sustainable.

What is mango wood?

Mango Fruits

Like leather, this wood is a by-product of a thriving industry. Mango fruit is a sweet tasting fruit, increasingly popular for introducing exotic notes into our diet. But mango trees can’t produce their lush tasting fruits forever. And when they are spent, their wood is used to make hardwearing, robust and beautiful furniture.

The Bahamas Bedroom Collection

There are many exquisite pieces in this collection from the wooden bed to the wooden chest of drawers. We hope to launch a living and dining room collection too so keep checking back for updates because once you see the quality pieces in the Bahamas bedroom range, you will fall in love with it – just as we did.

*The four poster bed

The Bahamas Collection introduces 4 poster beds to our range for the first time and we couldn’t be more pleased. Available in both a 5’ and 6’ wide option, the exquisite box-framed four poster Bahamas bed will catch your eye.

Bahamas Four Poster Bed

We will also have two further bed frames to add to the collection so you will be spoilt for choice on the main piece of furniture in a bedroom.

*Bedside tables

The collection also boasts two styles of beautiful bedside tables. The slightly geometric, mystical-patterned detailing on the items will give it the edge over many other bedroom furniture collections you will come across and this alone lends itself to all kinds of styles.Bahamas Bedside

*Bedroom storage – chest of drawers 

The depth and unique patina of the wood also makes an ideal chest of bedroom drawers, with the four-drawer option solving your bedroom storage needs. 

*Open wardrobe

But the creme de la crème in our eyes is the wardrobe. Again, it is unique in that the open wardrobe style is the second to be added to our collection alongside the Wycombe open wardrobe.

Bahamas Open Wardrobe

We have seen of late that more of our customers are opting for this open rail hanging style. Less cluttered and fussy, it perfectly mirrors the box-like four poster bed.

The wardrobe’s simplicity also means that the four poster bed is the star of the bedroom. It is the piece that everyone will look to because there is nothing around it closing it down or fighting against it. 

Is this the right collection for you?

If you like something different with a feel of the tropics, this medium-dark wood range is ideal. 

If you like the solidity of real wood but with the punchiness of sustainability, then this collection is for you.

If you like detail but not too much fuss and clutter, this is the right collection for you. Take a closer look – we guarantee you won’t be disappointed. 

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