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Quinton Reclaimed Wood Desk

If your job provides you the luxury of saving yourself the morning commute, it's important that you create a space you want to spend time working in. The kitchen breakfast bar or dining room table are great for a while, but they are both spaces where family life causes a distraction, and are not ideal for productivity levels. 

The newest 'Quinton' collection proves functional doesn't have to be borning. Handcrafted from gorgeous reclaimed wood, the home office furniture collection provides the perfect combination of glamourous style and practicality. 

Of course, a reclaimed wood desk is the staple piece in any home office area. so it's important you find the perfect option for you. The best way to find the best fit for your home is to think about the size of your room, and the placement of the desk. For example, if you have a nook under your stairs you're looking to turn into your home office, chances are you are looking for something relatively compact with plenty of storage so as not to clutter the rest of the room. Alternatively, if you have a larger home office space, you may wish to have a 'floater' desk. For this, make sure that the back of the desk is just as beautiful as the front! 

Quinton Reclaimed Wood Desk

The stunning Quinton Reclaimed Wood Desk is a perfect all-rounder! With the grey-toned wood making it easy to blend with other reclaimed wood furniture and featuring good-sized drawers on either side of the desk, it offers a contemporary yet rustic finish you'll want to work at. Complete with a padded chair to finish the look with industrial legs to tie the look together and you've found a match made in heaven. 

Quinton Reclaimed Wood Bookcase

Storage is hugely important in any home office. Whether that be drawers in your desk for odds and ends or shelving space for books. The Quinton Bookcase is ideal if you need to house chunky textbooks, lever arch folders and other bulky items. With five shelves, there is plenty of space for everything you need for a good day at work, and probably some space for a few decorative items to give your room some personality too! The collection also offers a sleek wall shelving unit, perfect for popping a potted plant and a pen pot or two. Hang above your desk for easy access and to create a gorgeous feature.

Quinton Reclaimed Wood Small Chest of Drawers

Often in modern homes, we struggle for space. As a result, many of us use our home offices for guest bedrooms too! However, the Quinton collection makes it easy to create a stunning multi-functional room. The gorgeous small chest of drawers is perfect for offering your guests space to put their clothes for longer stays and is a perfect additional piece of furniture in any rustic home office. 

Which is your favourite piece in the new Quinton collection? We know it's hard to pick! 

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