Beautiful velvet sofas and armchairs with gold

If there are two materials and finishes that go hand in glove, it is the beautifully understated decadence of gold coloured trim with the plush fabric armchairs in velvet.

What is velvet?

A closely woven fabric, the tufts of fabric give a delightful pile that is a sheer delight to recline in when it comes to velvet sofas and velvet armchairs. The actual fabric can be cotton, silk or nylon with one side of the fabric in tufts and the other side smooth. It comes in a range of colours, something you’ll see ably demonstrated in these new-to-us pieces.

Gold – not just for jewellery

Gold is a soft metal which can be easily moulded in to shape, a reason why it is popular for jewellery. Across our range, the gold coloured trims are a combination of metals, giving it the robustness it needs to perform.

And so, with beautiful coloured velvets and the gold-coloured trims, we introduce four items to your range. Which make you hum with delight? You’ll find it hard to choose…

The Hanbury sofa

Hanbury Fabric Sofa

The button back of this velvet sofa is a nod to the iconic Chesterfield design - one reason why we love it – the others being the perfect fusion of a lighter shade of velvet with the gold coloured trim. Not content with hiding away under the sofa, the gold coloured fascia certainly rings a note of change.

Great for sitting alongside a gold coffee table, the Hanbury sofa is available in both a two seater and three seater sofa option.

The Chestey sofa

Chestey Velvet Sofa

Like the Hanbury, you have a choice of either a two seater or three seater sofa option, with a darker coloured velvet and a striped finish which gives it a dash of retro. Again, the gold coloured trim is no content to hide away with the square sidebars added aplomb to the finish of this delightful sofa. Great for any living room or how about the Chestey two-seater taking pride of place in your reading nook?

The Sabrina velvet armchairs

Sabrina Yellow Velvet Armchair

If you don’t want to share your reading nook space, then a cosy armchair is the answer. You may also want an armchair next to the fire this winter but don’t necessarily want something that is imposing in terms of its dimension and design. The best glamour, in our eyes, is one that is effortless and understated, something with the Sabrina velvet armchairs embody. Available in red velvet, we know that the yellow velvet armchair will also be just as popular. Don’t forget to frame your armchair with complementing modern rugs and a pretty side table.

The Oliver velvet armchair

Oliver Velvet Armchair

Mustard yellow is very much an on-trend colour this season but there is another snapping at its heels – olive green. Can you get better than the combination of plush olive green velvet with the beautiful gold-coloured frame of the Oliver armchair? This is a comfy armchair that refuses to compromise on style. There is a whiff of the 70s about the colour of this armchair as well as the button back which we know makes it the perfect choice for anyone who enjoys a slightly retro style. It works well in the 1920s glamour look too. A truly delightful piece that you won’t regret adding to your living room.

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