Bring luxury to your office with the Aviator collection

Aviator Vintage Jet Brass Office

The Aviator Collection has been a firm favourite for some time. For the discerning customer who breaks all the rules and modes of stylish interior design, there is no better range to choose from.

And so you can imagine our euphoria when we came across the beautiful, dramatic hue of the Vintage Jet Brass Aviator Collection!

Still boasting the same quality and rivet detailing, there is plenty to choose from. For a touch of different, for an eclectic appeal with a hint of moodiness, dive into this stunning new range at Modish Living.

Office, living room, dining room…

There is no end to the talents of the Vintage Jet Brass Aviator Collection which is why it fits beautifully into any room.

But it isn’t just about assigning it a room. It is about understanding how to use to such a different style and material within the style of your home.

The coolness of the metal can be tempered with wood, thus this range will fit well with most style schemes but in particular, it would be a welcome partner to industrial furniture.

Aviator Vintage Jet Brass Bookcase

Why not, for example, use the metal shelving bookcase as a statement piece in the living room? To match its sophistication, choose items that have detailing but without fussiness. 

For example, a brown leather armchair, leather office chair or the brown leather sofa from our Spitfire range is surely a winning combination?

Spitfire Brown Cerato Leather Sofa

Of course, this metal shelving unit, complete with drawer space would fit the office too or the area of your home you give over to work. 

Many of us are creating reading nooks too and we think this bookcase would make an ideal addition.

Triumph Cerato Brown Leather Armchair

Crumple into the brown leather armchair from the Triumph range, complete with brown leather matching footstool, with a good book and a glass of wine, or even a mug of tea, and relax.

The office

We talked about the Aviator Collection and creating an office for dad back when it was Father’s day in June.

There is a masculinity about these pieces, emphasised we think with this collection by the darker tone of the vintage jet brass. 

It certainly suits those with a lean towards the industrial furniture style, especially when you want to make a style statement but without the fuss.

Aviator Half-wing Desk

The half-wing desk is simply fantastic. We can’t think of any other way to describe it. Suiting the office chair from the same range, these two items alone are enough to create a wow in the office.

The dining room

As well as a range of other pieces, we have chosen to offer the Vintage Jet Brass Aviator retro table. Simple it may be but this doesn’t weaken or water down its impact.

Aviator Industrial Boardroom Table

This industrial table would work well with a number of our dining chairs, from the plushness of velvet dining chairs to the statuesque industrial dining chair, such as brown leather dining chairs.

Beautifully styled and delightfully priced

We know that budget is important but we won’t compromise quality over price and so, with such an affordable range, you can realise your stylistic dreams.

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  • stacey nutt

    I am interested in the Aviator office furniture.
    I have seen this in another shop and would like to compare prices and delivery times.
    I would like to know the best price you can offer for
    Chest desk, office chair and half wing desk in the vintage jet brass.
    can you please confirm what the delivery times would be and if it is free delivery

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