Bring opulence with bold and beautiful spring colours

Luxe Daisy Upholstered Bar Stools

Spring is the time of rejuvenation, a welcome change from the dark and damp of the winter months. As the trees and shrubs start to bud, the spring flowers poke their heads through the soil, tentatively at worst, wary of quick, sudden frosts. 

Come March, we are all ready to wave the winter goodbye and look forward to longer daylight hours and warmth seeping back into our bones. And as such, the light that plays within the home changes too and all of a sudden, beautiful and bold colour is now very much an option.

The kitchen, dining room and living room are now simply begging to be rejuvenated – and colour on the walls is perfect. Adding colour with rugs is better still. But what about introducing bold colour and texture?

Va Va Voom Velvet

It is a fabric hotly tipped as the must-have addition to our homes. For too long, we have seen velvet as a throwback to the past, a fabric used in overly-opulent, almost gaudy styled rooms and pub interiors. Red velvet was the staple, cheap and cheerful option but no longer.

This spring, welcome colour and velvet with velvet armchairs and velvet  dining chairs… and we’ll show you how to use them successfully.

A ‘Read & Relax’ Corner

Our homes should be a safe haven, the place where we can leave the uncertainties and realities of life at the front door. Just because spring is here, doesn’t mean that we have to stop feeling snug and cosy either.

Grayson Lounge Sofa and Armchair

A ‘Read and Relax’ corner is the ideal solution to helping our minds and bodies to unfurl. Imagine stretching out with a novel or enjoying a pleasant snooze on the Grayson lounge sofa.

Informal Seating

A velvet armchair is also a sumptuous addition to the home and with spring bringing light and colour, now is the time to allows yourself a dramatic choice of colour. Ditch the neutrals and the pastels, instead opting for the drama or deeper, earthier colours.

Fairfield Chester Club Armchair and Sofa

The studwork alone is enough for us to hanker after Fairfield Chester Club armchair, but the deep burnt orange is enough of a draw for more people. 

And the delightful shades of turquoise and purple are hard to choose between when it comes this moon wool armchair, a welcome addition to any home, we think and no matter what the season.

Colour at the Dining Room Table

Playing it safe can make for a palette too neutral and bereft of colours and so coloured dining chairs are a must. Easy yourself in gently with these grey dining chairs, complete with enveloping back and sides. Or be bold with a mix and match of velvets.

Solo Grand Dining Chair

If you can feel the shackles of winter slowly ebbing away, these deep blue dining chairs are also perfect, although the olive colour is worth a closer look.

Telford Velvet Dining Chair

… and at the breakfast bar

The breakfast bar needn’t be starved of colour either with these rather delightful bar stools, available in royal velvet as well as a neutral cream.

If you have always wanted to add colour, spring is the time to explore glorious colours, shades and hues!

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