Edgy and industrial style – once again it’s sprung back into life

Whether your décor taste leans towards classic designs or ultra-contemporary lines, there’s no denying that edgy, industrial style is perfect for making a stunning statement. At Modish Living, our fabulous collection of industrial furniture and accessories mean you can dip your toes into modern, edgy waters or fully amerce yourself and create the chic, industrial room of your dreams.

Extra Large Black Metal Wall Clock (110cm)

If you are looking for a subtle nod to industrial style, giant clock faces blended with rustic wood, creates a striking look. Something like the Extra Large Black Metal Wall Clock is perfect for this as the simple, all-black design will work with any colour scheme and give a chic, urban finish. For something a little different, you could even create a gallery wall in your kitchen or dining room made up of clocks of varying shapes and styles. A fantastic centerpiece for any home!

Lansdowne Industrial Reclaimed Wood Dining Table
Industrial style allows you to turn understated or classic styles into fabulous statement additions with unique twists and stunning, steel finishes. The Industrial Lansdowne collection is perfect for achieving this look. One of my favourite pieces is the Industrial Lansdowne Reclaimed Wood Large Sideboard. The body is made of gorgeous pine wood and is contrasted against the steel framing for a dramatic look which isn’t too over the top.

Luxe Kensington Reclaimed Wood Round Coffee Table
Alternatively, the newly launched Luxe Kensington collection is perfect for a glamorous twist on industrial design. The absolutely stunning Luxe Kensington Reclaimed Wood Dining Table features a sleeper wood table top for a wonderful texture and has been contrasted against the sleek, cross design of the shiny steel base for a gorgeous finish. The table can also be fitted with a clear glass top, making it wonderfully easy to maintain.

Combine a variety of finishes and materials without having to worry about that ‘picture perfect look’ – a mix of styles will only help to create the edgy, industrial finish you’re looking for. Mismatched dining chairs is a simple way to achieve this look in your kitchen or dining room. Something like the Hyatt Industrial Café Chairs are perfect for this as they come in a range of colours, making it easy to create that edgy, pick and mix style.

For more inspiration, or to find the perfect industrial addition to your home, take a look at the Modish Living website or get in touch with one of our team.

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