Bring the garden indoors with a luxurious Green Rug!

Green rugs have often been featured on the front cover of leading interior design magazines. Green represents growth, freshness and harmony, and this is something we could all enjoy a little more of in our homes. Here are some of our featured green rugs which will bring a beautiful fresh, garden look to your living space.

The Louis De Poortere Rugs from Modish Living are great for adding a pop of colour to any room. The Belgian Rug Maker offer a range of fantastic green rugs which really will add a stylish garden feel to your living space whether you are a lover of contemporary or traditional design. All the rugs from Louis De Poortere are hand finished and stitched for a high quality finish and give a wonderful vintage vibe.

The Fading World Rug in Bubble Green combines elegance and sophistication with its vintage green colour and subtle pattern. Suitable for any interior, the Fading World Rug style is woven using a blend of wool and cotton chenille for a luxurious look and feel which would look great in a room of any décor style.

I also love the Fading World Rug in Jade. The colour is fantastic as a vibrant accent colour in a simplistic colour scheme but won’t look over the top. A perfect rug for creating that gorgeous modern vintage look which is so popular in interior design magazines.

Office Louis De Poortere Spring Leaves Rug
If you are really looking to make a statement with your rug choice, the Spring Leaves Green Rug may be the answer! With its blend of various shades of green all beautifully combined in a patchwork style, the rug brings classic and contemporary design together in the most wonderful way and certainly makes for an striking statement piece for your living space.

To view the full range of Louis De Poortere rugs at Modish Living, please visit the website or contact one of our team.

Charlotte Blackmore, Blog Editor

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