How to treat one of the most important people in the world on Mother's Day

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Mothering Sunday on 11th March 2018 is a chance to say thank you to your Mum and other significant females in your life. But how can you treat your Mum this spring with a fantastic treat that shows how much you love and care for her?

1 Feet Up!

Mums (and others!) can multi-task with an amazing ability and so, if nothing else, give her the chance to put her feet up for the day. If it’ll be hard to persuade to sit and relax for the day, make sure you have the latest best seller in paperback or on her e-reader – and a cup of tea on the large sideboard.

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2 Start a Tradition

You love and cherish your Mum every day of the year, but Mothering Sunday is a chance to elevate this to dizzying heights of success but why not start a tradition in your family so that every year, your Mum gets something precious and unique – but that’ll she’ll use all year round? This year, invest in a pretty round wall mirror – like this deco-inspired framed round mirror -  or one for her bedroom dressing table, for example, and next year, silk pyjamas and so on. ‘Hide’ them in her bedroom in plain sight so she gets a nice, warm fuzzy feeling when she goes to bed…

Art Deco Round Wall Mirror

3 A Special Gift

From a pamper day at the spa to a night at the theatre, there are all kinds of ways that you can show your mum, special aunt and so on, how much you really do appreciate them and everything they do. If you Mum is in to interior design and creating a fantastic, warm and welcoming home, then there are some great ideas from a floor mirror – this Hudson mirror is fantastic with its simple frame, it is awash with elegance, just like Mum! – to pretty sculptures that they will love – because YOU chose if for them!

Hudson Living Wycombe Leaner Free Standing Mirror

4 Feast Together

There is nothing like Mum’s homecooked dinners, something we all hanker after at certain times in our lives, even if Dad says it is his gravy that makes the meal… There is no better way to celebrate Mum and all that she does than to gather the family together and enjoy a feast together, not cooked by Mum, of course! If you don’t fancy cooking for the masses, take off to your local takeaway or arrange a potluck supper in which everyone brings at least one dish with them.

5 Mid-Week or Weekend Brunch

Brunch is that mid-morning meal, a cross-over between a hearty cooked breakfast and lunch, the perfect meal to take Mum out and enjoy. Choose a local café or gourmet pub that know how to treat their diners super-well. Enjoy the ambience and talking to Mum about life, and what her plans are.

Many people lament the commercialisation of special days such as Mothering Sunday, but it doesn’t have to be. The day is about spending time with Mum or the special women in your life who have helped you, nurtured you and supported you. A special keepsake gift is an added bonus that will love too!

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