Get the designer label look with the Chelwood collection

Chelwood Reclaimed Wood Dining Table and Bench

Picture the scene. A converted dockside apartment, a rustic farmhouse, or maybe even a Georgian townhouse. The brand new Chelwood range would find itself equally at home in the very latest, state-of-the-art new build as much as it would in a Victorian terrace, too. That’s the thing you see, with the Chelwood range you’re welcoming versatility into your dream living space, be it a more traditional example of bricks and mortar or one that’s been lifted straight from the pages of ‘(insert a Home County here) Life’ magazine.

Wherever you lay your hat the new Chelwood range can offer home comforts

Chelwood Reclaimed Wood Dresser

By getting up close and personal with the new Chelwood range you’re flinging open your doors and inviting the outside, inside. Courtesy of the natural, 100% reclaimed wood from which the Chelwood range has been physical hewn. Every burl, nail-hole, grain, knot and perceived imperfection is exhibited in our products. Every much sought-after and unique embellishment which reflects the wood’s heritage, each nuance reminding us of its previous incarnation.

Equally adept at blending with its new, homely surroundings, the Chelwood range comprises 12 pieces of wooden furniture. All projecting a visual appeal which engenders a sense of belonging, together with reflecting your lifestyle choices. And individual choice is at the very heart of what the Chelwood collection represents; the creation of a collection of aspirational wooden furniture which shouts (but never screams) you.

New Chelwood reclaimed wood coffee table and bookcase speaks volumes about style and substance

Chelwood Reclaimed Wood Bookcase

Amongst many highlights of the new collection we’re excited to introduce the reclaimed wood bookcase, which provides the perfect place for when (and where) you do finally decide to put down those ‘impossible to put down’ titles. Elsewhere we’ve revealed the new reclaimed wood coffee table; which strikes the perfect balance between style and substance when adding the finishing flourishes to an envious living room space.

Chelwood Reclaimed Wood Console Table

Meanwhile the statement-making console table is enjoying a timely revival right now, and the Chelwood variation on the classic theme debuted here, definitely holds its own. As does, albeit from an altogether different perspective, the Chelwood reclaimed wood TV unit; which has been designed to effortlessly conceal your concessions to modern living.

Chelwood Reclaimed Wood Sideboard

Remaining in the living room, although often discovered in dining rooms, we’ve just whipped the covers off the Chelwood reclaimed wood sideboards, both large and medium examples. After all, a living room isn’t a living room (or a dining room) when it’s not flaunting a sideboard of one description or another.

Interior spotlight falls on new Chelwood dining room furniture

Entertainment spaces are habitually found at the crux of the home, with the kitchen and dining room being prime candidates for hosting duties. Commanding the centre stage in said rooms, the Chelwood dining table – in either normal or extendable guise - fits the bill with ease, and ensures the host covers all dining eventualities. Paired with the new Chelwood dining chairs, rather than being an afterthought, it’s clear from the get-go this hospitable arrangement was a match made in hosting heaven.

Chelwood Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

Dress for family success with Chelwood reclaimed wood dresser

Chelwood Reclaimed Wood Dresser

The Chelwood wood dresser harks back to bygone times, yet conversely instils a contemporary edge, thanks to its functionality offset by its familiarity. Spruce up your kitchen or dining room, with the addition of this all-accommodating piece.

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