How to position a mirror in your bedroom

A decorative wall mirror is not an unusual feature of our bedrooms. But where should you position them so that you use them at full potential?

One bold piece can set the entire tone for the room, so go for a contemporary large mirror in a small bedroom to create the illusion of depth. Something like our Golden Pebble Wall Mirror is a great option with its unusual design, perfect for making a statement above your chest of drawers or even on a wall on its own if you want to make it the star of the show. One thing to keep in mind if you do have a smaller space is that you don't have to go for a small mirror. Instead, go for a mirror with a thinner, metallic frame to keep your room bright and open.

Golden Pebble Wall Decorative Mirror

If you think your bedroom is lacking a little character, then why not add a large reclaimed wood mirror like our English Beam Floor Standing Reclaimed Wood Mirror. This will enhance your rooms personality with a luxurious feel, and will also allow you to see your entire self, perfect for a final outfit check before you run out the door! Place your mirror somewhere light so you can fully appreciate the beauty of the wood.

English Beam Floor Standing Reclaimed Wood Mirror

For a gorgeous, modern bedroom why not go for one of our show-stopping, metallic mirrors. The Celestial Silver Mirror is my personal favourite with its wonderfully unique starburst design. Perfect for any bedroom style. Alternatively, the gorgeous shape of the Deco Mirror is great for achieving a glamorous look whatever your colour scheme.

When you have chosen the perfect mirror, it is all about the placement of it. For example, a large wall mirror should not be positioned facing your bed, as it can affect your sleep by creating insomnia and nightmares. So try to avoid seeing any mirror reflections when you are in bed. Also, as tempting as it might be to have a small round mirror above the bed, it is definitely not good feng shui. Instead, place it on a smaller wall or above a slimmer chest of drawers to create a better balance.

Finally, if you have a beautiful view from your bedroom window, make use of it. Hanging a large mirror opposite a window with gorgeous views brings in positive energy and is great for creating a calming environment.

For more inspiration, or to look at our full collection of luxury wall and floor mirrors, take a look at our website or get in touch with one of our team for more information. 

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