How To Style A Bookcase

A gorgeous bookcase really can make any room. Whether you are looking for something to create invaluable storage in your office or just as a way of storing all your treasures or recipe books in your living room or dining room, there is a style for everyone in the gorgeous solid wood bookcase collection available at Modish Living.

Start with clearing off your book case, and select the items that you really love. If you are going for a fresh, minimal look, try and minimise what you put back on your shelves. Something like the Hudson Living Kielder Oak Bookcase is perfect for this look as the clean lines, Scandinavian aesthetic and light oak give a sleek, sophisticated finish which is beautifully highlighted by understated styling. Alternatively, an eclectic mix of colours and styles can look fabulously quirky and totally personalised.

Next, colour coordinate your books as well by height and then colour coordinate all your accessories to match. Try and tell a story with the decor on bookshelf before looking to the overall appearance as this will create a streamlined appearance you can be proud of. The Light Raw Oak Wide Shelf Ladder (Bookcase) is perfect for any contemporary space you want to keep beautifully bright and spacious, and the simple, open style means your decor will really stand out. 

If you have large accessories, use them as bookends. You could use anything from potted plants and terrariums to glamorous decor pieces with metallic finishes. Plants are perfect if you are going for a fresh, natural look with plenty of life. If you are looking for unique decor pieces, look for items on your travels or in local, independent shops for a fantastic statement look. The different shapes and sizes of the Nilsson Rustica Reclaimed Wood Shelving Unit are perfect for larger decor pieces and mean you can create a unique display in any space.

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Charlotte Blackmore, Blog Editor


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