How to style this popular industrial dining table

English Beam Industrial Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

The industrial style is a pleasing combination of materials considered ‘industrial’ in scope – steel beams, exposed brickwork and so on – with the natural softness and warmth of wood.

Perfect for any home, it is no surprise that in the dining room, the understated simplicity of the industrial look is making its mark.

Here’s how to create an exquisite dining room that can be informal for those everyday family meals and then, with a twist and a tweak, an elegantly styled dining room for more formal occasions.

How to get the look…

The dining table is clearly key in the dining room or kitchen/diner. The English Beam reclaimed wood and steel industrial dining table is not out of place and packs a stylish punch way above where it should.

A seamless combination of the cool, black steel and the reclaimed wood top, it is a blank canvas, awaiting the detail that will see it stand out from all our dining tables.

English Beam Industrial Steel Reclaimed Wood Dining Table and Brook Chairs

The dining chairs are a key component that can make or break this kind of styling. If you want to soften the angles, then there is no doubt that upholstered dining chairs are the way to go.

Velvet dining chairs add a sense of luxury and opulence that is not at odds with the industrial look. However, keep the details to a minimum and if you do want to add a stylish flair here and there, choose metallic detailing to remain in keeping with the industrial look.

Brook Grey Upholstered Dining Chair

However, upholstered or velvet dining chairs may simply not be the practical choice in a family home or, it may be that your tastes are to mix the industrial look with a hint of ‘modern’. Leather is by no means a modern material or invention and so it would seem at odds to suggest leather dining chairs at this juncture.

Allegro Cerato Leather Dining Chair

But, the finesse of leather cannot be understated and when the material is handled in such a way and matched with metal framed legs on dining chairs, you instantly see the desirable combination of leather with metal. 

To create an eclectic look, team the look and feel of leather with the softness and lightness of beech legs as in the Allegro dining chair.

Louis de Poortere Beige Sky Blue Rug

The Louis de Poortere rug is the item that frames it all. We have talked about framing in many other contexts – it is the process of creating a harmonious tripartite which is this case is the reclaimed wood dining table, the upholstered or leather dining chairs and the rug.

Beautifully modern, the subtle colouring of the rug is the ideal platform from which the remainder of the room can grow. Too strong a colour wouldn’t sit well in this dining room but you still want a thread of colour acting as a blank canvas.

English Beam Industrial Reclaimed Wood Dining Table and Allegro Chairs

Bespoke furniture and styling don’t mean spending thousands of commission specific or unique pieces of furniture. As shown in this dining room, it means being confident on your style, and being prepared to take stylistic chances – the marrying of leather and wood, with steel and the darker tones of a reclaimed wood table, and a modern flick with the rug.

Is this a style that appeals to you?

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