Are bedroom sets outdated? We don't think so!

When it comes to revamping any room completely, one of the main concerns is trying to find coordinating furniture for your space. A bedroom set is the safest option when choosing bedroom furniture. Whilst they may seem a little outdated, they are still a viable option for your home especially if you are looking for something which will stand the test of time.

Savannah Reclaimed Wood Bed bedroom

With contemporary bedroom furniture, match your bedroom furniture, but don't match everything. You can always change the bedding, lamps and accessories such as mirrors or add interest with wall art or a colourful chair but your furniture will remain the stable base for decor for years to come. Therefore, matching wooden pieces which will look wonderful with any colour schemes are great. 

When it comes to Scandinavian bedroom style and reclaimed wooden bedroom furniture, which will always look stylish and stand the test of time, a coordinated finish looks great. However, within and out fashion pieces such as funky coloured pieces, a completely matching set may look a little much and create a scheme far from the calming atmosphere preferable in a bedroom. With pieces like this, go for a timeless style with a wooden bedroom and add one or two statement pieces at most and pair with a complementary accent colour to tie the scheme together. 

reclaimed wood bed

If you are looking for a reclaimed piece with plenty of charisma, the LazyDays Reclaimed Wood High Back Bed is perfect. The bed has been beautifully handcrafted in the UK by our master craftsmen and is truly beautiful. With its natural markings, the bed looks wonderful in any room to add history and style. 

scandinavian reclaimed wood bed

Alternatively, for a stunning Scandinavian scheme, the Hudson Living Wycombe Luxury Oak Bed is a fantastic option. The subtle curve of the headboard which hugs around the bed makes a special addition to this piece creating a soft finish perfect for a calming atmosphere. 

Find the perfect bedroom furniture for your home at Modish Living or get in touch with one of our team members for more information. 

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