Luxurious new pieces have arrived in our english beam collection

English Beam Extendable Reclaimed Wood Dining Table Dark

There is something to be said for simplicity, when it comes with as much charisma and elegance as our English Beam Collection. Offering classic shapes and natural markings for a wonderful character, reclaimed wood furniture like this will never look out of place in your space and will fit in with decor schemes time after time as you redecorate.

English Beam Farmhouse Extendable Reclaimed Wood Dining Table and Chairs

First up, our English Beam reclaimed wood dining table is truly stunning for any space - it's no wonder it's a best seller. Offered in several different finishes - now with a gorgeous light finish (perfect for blending with neutrals and pops of green through foliage and other home accessories), a dark finish (for a more dramatic look), and a medium finish (for that ultra classic look, which pairs beautifully with gold and brass tones). The perfect reclaimed wood table for any kitchen or dining room, certain to become the envy of all your dinner guests.

English Beam Reclaimed Wood Console Table

The gorgeous white wash on our console table with storage brings the classic style of reclaimed wood right up to date. Perfect for pairing with greys and blues to create a coastal feel to your space, this console table would certainly add the wow factor to your hallway or dining room. The console also comes in dark and medium, perfect for paring with earthy tones and creating a chic, rustic finish in your space.

English Beam Rustic Reclaimed Wood Sideboard

Alternatively, if you are looking for something with more storage - ideal for kitchens and dining rooms - a sideboard may be just the ticket. The gorgeous natural markings of the wood is sure to add an earthy feel to your space, and contrasted against to the subtle industrial feeling metal accents you'll be adding a truly unique piece to your home. 

 English Beam Reclaimed Wood Bookcase

Finally, our sublime reclaimed wood shelves make storage anything but boring. The tall bookcase is the perfect space for any avid reader to show off their book collection, or perhaps even display family photos and trinkets from your travels in your living room. Handmade using traditionally joinery techniques, you'll instantly fall in love with this bookcase, whether it finds it home in your dining room, living room, hallway or home office. 

What's your favourite piece from the new collection? 

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