New In Brown Leather Dining Chairs

Dining chairs are the unspoken heroes of the dining room design. Essential they may be, but that doesn’t mean they should be an after-thought. In fact, as the supporting actor in the dining room, they bring warmth, texture and detail, as well as a dash of colour. With this in mind, we have recently introduced new dining seating to our collections.

Why leather?

Leather is the ideal dining chair material in our book, especially in dining room sets. Whether a busy family dining room or a more formal dining space, leather dining chairs are equally popular. We have found four beautiful options leather dining chairs, expanding the choice on offer.

As for colour, the soft, tempered shades of brown is a must for the industrial style, as well both the farmhouse and rustic dining room.

The Standford brown leather dining chairs

The stark beauty of the industrial style is somewhat eased when the softness of leather meets the coldness of metal. And yet, within the softness lays robustness that makes leather a popular choice.

Standford Brown Leather Dining Chairs with 4 Seater Dining Table

The simplicity of the Standford brown leather dining chairs will be something you will find attractive, we’re sure, perfect for the industrial dining table.

The Dylan brown leather dining chairs

Occasionally, we come across something that excites and delights in equal measure and we are confident that you will find the attractive curves and meanders of the Dylan dining chairs as welcoming as we did.

Dylan Brown Leather Dining Chair

If you brown leather dining chairs that stand out as much as your reclaimed wood dining table, look no further as we have found THE slightly quirky industrial brown leather dining chairs. Stunning and delicious all rolled into one. Perfection.

The Avery brown leather dining chairs

Again, it is the sheer simplicity of these dining or kitchen chairs them drew us to them. sometimes, you need something unpretentious, something that doesn’t draw any battles lines with any of your other industrial furniture in the dining room.

Avery Brown Leather Dining Chair

It’s a big statement but these brown leather dining chairs are everything you could possibly need. Stylish to the eye, warm to the touch and perfect alongside your industrial dining table. Whether you opt for a large dining table, seating eight or more people, or enjoy your meals at a round dining table in the kitchen/diner space, the Avery brown leather dining chairs rise to any occasion, formal or informal.

The Skylar brown leather dining chairs

And finally, the Skylar dining chairs are a welcome addition to your dining chair range. We opted for these for the subtle detailing of the stitched horizontal lines across the back and seat of the dining chair.

Skylar Brown Leather Dining Chair

Again, the uncluttered, unfussy design makes them an instant classic, not something that can be said about every dining chair. What also attracted us were their obvious versatility too.

Whether you have invested in an industrial dining table or enjoy the beauty of the rustic style in the dining room, the classic shape, almost slightly retro appeal, of these brown leather dining chairs fit right in.

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