New in: the Dakota reclaimed collection for luxury dining

Dakota Reclaimed Wood Dining Furniture

As you know, from time to time, we introduce a new collection to our range. Each time we do so, it after we have thoroughly assessed it, matching it to what our customers are asking for. And with the Dakota range, we think we have a collection that is stylish, exciting and for those of us who like to make a statement, impressive too.

The Dakota Range

The dark wood collection has versatile pieces that will suit any room, from the living room to the dining room.

Dakota Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

The Dakota reclaimed wood dining table is impressive. Known as the monastery style, the reclaimed wood table has an impressive network beneath its top that makes it incredibly sturdy but also perfect for when you want something that looks like it has age.

Worried about how to style dark wood? If nothing else, opt for lighter colours as the complementing factor to it whether this is cream or grey upholstered dining chair, with a neutral wall colour in the room.

As well as the rectangle monastery dining table, there is also a round dining table, complete with a single column and four smaller feet.

Dakota Round Reclaimed Wood Dining Table

Any of our dining chairs would be more than enough to match up to the impressive heights of either the rectangle or round dining table but Dakota wooden dining chairs are deceptively simple at first glance. But take a closer look, and you will notice detail in the design and joinery.

The Dakota sideboard

In the dining room, the sideboard is an essential addition. Choosing one from the same range as the dining table means that the two largest pieces of furniture have a sense of cohesion about them. And in this range, there are two fantastic dark wood sideboard options – the half-height sideboard and the Dakota display unit with stature that will grace any dining room.

Dakota Reclaimed Wood Display Unit

Want to bring the dark wood look up to the modern day? The ‘eclectic look’ is the perfect foil to what can be oppressive darker wood tones. And so all those quirky details and bright artwork that you like can be the obvious contrast in your dining room to the sideboard and dining table.

The hallway

There is no reason why your hallway can’t be stylish and there is no reason why you can’t use this space to make a statement.

Imagine walking through the door after a busy day, to find a table lamp nestled on the Dakota console table, it warm, soft glow welcoming you home.

Dakota Reclaimed Wood Console Table

With a rustic feel about it, the console table also benefits from the monastery styled legs that make it a worthy piece on its own. For it to stand out – and this goes for all dark wood furniture – a plain, uncluttered backdrop works a treat. Remove all the hallway clutter, streamline storage and keep accessories and details to a minimum.

Want colour but unsure which to choose? Inky tones – mid to dark blues, and the midnight blackness of navy – are ideal colours for sitting alongside darker wood tones. For a light touch, opt for powder blue or a barely-there shade of blue.

The Dakota Collection is available now. Why not take a look?

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