New in– Welcome the elegant Chalfont industrial wood range

Chalfont Industrial Wood Dining Table and Velvet Chairs

We know that our customers have discerning taste and so when we came across this collection, we knew we had to bring it to you.

The industrial style is ever popular but as with all other styles, there comes a time when a small twist is required. And that’s how we would describe the Chalfont range.

It clearly has its pedigree in the industrial style, with its pleasing mix of wood and metal combined. But instead of heavy-set metal, soldered joints and chunky wooden tops, there is an elegance brought about by the refinement of the key materials.

Chalfont Industrial Wood Dining Table

The metal legwork is thinner but just as beautiful and cool to the touch. The wood is mango and sustainably sourced. It too is refined and smooth, a perfect partner to the metal framework.

Enjoy the collection in the…

… Dining room

We know how important the dining room is in a home and that’s why we leapt at this industrial dining table. The exquisite light mango wood sits with the almost olive-in-tone golden legwork perfectly.

Chalfont Industrial Wood Dining Table Top

To retain the softness and refinement in the approach, upholstered velvet dining chairs would be stunning counterparts to complete the look. Choose neutral tones and shades of fabric, leaving strong colours to another room.

There is a matching large sideboard to support the dining table. Offering cupboard and drawer space, it is a piece of furniture that offers the ideal storage combination for a busy home.

… Living room

The range is not devoid of detail either. In the living room, the industrial shelving unit is a sheer delight.

What attracted us – and it will you too – is the chevron detail on the cabinet door. It adds details without being ‘too different’. We find that more fussy detailing can mean the piece of so unique that once the background changes, the piece looks out of place.

Chalfont Industrial Wood Side Bookcase

But the Chalfont range is unique, yet versatile with detailing that sets it apart from the ordinary.

But if you want quirky, it can give you that too. Frankly, we predict the side bookcase will fly off the shop floor! It has the flair of the modern but without departing too far from its industrial pedigree.

Chalfont Industrial Wooden TV Unit

And then there are the living room staples but, there is nothing predictable about these;

  • The linear Chalfont TV unit has clean angles and well-defined lines that will suit any living room.
  • But just as the TV unit is linear, the nest of tables are round, the curves adding the extra notes and detailing that every living room craves.

Mix, match and complement

We know that mixing, matching and complementing across ranges is something that customers like to do. And that is a reason why we choose to add this collection to our growing range.

It sits easily within the modern home or can be the investment pieces that refine the industrial look, bringing it right up to date. But it wouldn’t look out of place in a traditional style or indeed, in the Scandinavian style which is creeping back into our affections.

Why not take a closer look at the Chalfont range? Let it exceed your expectations.

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