New industrial furniture to grace your home

Interior design never stands still. Continually evolving, it throws us stylistic curveballs as well as emphasising popular components that fit with modern living. And that’s why we don’t stand still either, continually searching for new stylish products to add to your ranges. Thus we have added to beautiful new pieces recently…

The Standford round wood dining table

Reclaimed wood furniture is such a joy to work within any space or room, but a reclaimed wood dining table is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful things that could grace any home. Fusing perfectly with the industrial style, the recently added round industrial dining table to the Standford Collection is bound to be a standout piece in the months to come. Keeping all the hallmarks of the industrial style, this round wood dining table is at a beautiful price point too.  

Standford Industrial Reclaimed Wood Round Dining Table

The Cleo faux leather dining bench

Staying in the dining room, we strengthen our ties to the industrial furniture style with a new dining bench to our range. There is something beyond delightful about the utilitarian Cleo faux leather dining bench with back that makes it a must-have. Simple elegance is never to be underestimated, and with the industrial style based on function and panache, you can see why we’ve opted to include this dining bench with back to our range.

Cleo PU Faux Leather Dining Bench

The Retford reclaimed wood cabinet

Styling your home is about bringing your set of very unique and personal choices to the fore. For some, the drama of dark wood is the epitome of elegance and style statements. Working with dark reclaimed wood furniture doesn't require special skills, but you do need the vision to understand how to either make it stand out or create an understated, gentle finish to a room. We've noted an increase in the number of customers working with dark reclaimed wood furniture, and thus, the Retford reclaimed wood cabinet is a welcome addition to your range. Tall, imposing and detailed, this is a stylish piece for any room.

Retford Reclaimed Wood Cabinet with Doors

The Kingsbridge reclaimed oak TV unit

 We offer reclaimed wood furniture items to with various uses; hence we are more than pleased to welcome the Kingsbridge industrial TV unit to our growing collection. Large TV stands are essential for many of us with the number of electrical gadgets increasing year on year as technology hurtles on at a pace. However, the versatility of this piece is not to be underplayed. As well as holding all your gadgets, this industrial TV unit stands at 60cm high, a perfect ‘low lying’ piece of furniture that could also act as a display unit or even a drinks cabinet with two cupboards to hide away your cocktail paraphernalia.

Kingsbridge Industrial Reclaimed Oak TV Unit

Arlington gold and black pendant light

Arlington Gold and Black Pendant Light

And finally (for the time being, at least) we welcome industrial glamour to the lighting department with this beautiful modern pendant light. For us, this light represents the perfect for making a statement without adding clutter to the eye line. It works in any room, from a halo of welcoming light in the hallway, to glamour in the living room to a hint of detail in the industrial style or modern boudoir.

Which of these new additions has caught your eye?

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