Our studio is about to be reopened!

Luxe Kensington Reclaimed Wood Dining Table and Chairs

Our Revamped Studio is Nearly Ready…

When it comes to buying furniture, we understand that there is nothing better than seeing the items, feeling it, examining it closely, seeing the colour for real and so on. And that is why a studio is important.

It gives you chance to enjoy the comfort that our sofas and chairs offer, it affords you the opportunity to sit at a reclaimed wood dining table and enjoy the feel of it…

And this is why we have revamped our studio. After weeks of hard work, but we are pleased with the final results. We have small tweaks to make but by November 27th, our revamped studio will be open. Why don’t you pay us a visit?

What’s New? What’s Different?

Due to public demand, we have added some great pieces for you to peruse at your leisure, including some of our most popular pieces.

Luxe Kensington Reclaimed Wood Dining Table top

The LUXE KENSINGTON reclaimed wood dining table is a stunning fusion of raw, reclaimed wood and the sleek, cool feel of metal legs. Just look at the majestic end pieces! Wouldn’t it look amazing in your dining room? We give our items full descriptions, as well as accurate measurements, but there is no compensation for popping along and examining the table ‘in the flesh’ so to speak.

Luxe Madison Chrome Grey Upholstered Dining Chair

When it comes to dining chairs, sitting on them, feeling for comfort and enjoying the softness of the fabric is surely a must. You will find the LUXE MADISON upholstered dining chair in our newly revamped studio. Incredibly popular, why not come and take a closer look at the fabric and colours?

Chanti Upholstered Dining Chairs bespoke fabric

The Chanti upholstered dining chairs are also incredibly popular and we have noticed that there are many forward-thinking customers who love adding a zing of colour to their dining space. The petrol blue fabric upholstered chairs are new to the range so why not call in for a studio exclusive on this amazing colour?

Colette Dining Chair

The COLLETTE reclaimed wood upholstered dining chair is simply delightful too and you will find these alongside many other on-trend items in our studio. The ‘lion ring’ on the back of the chair gives it a note of detail that is just enough, without adding too much fuss or clutter.

Gustav PU Leather Dining Chair

If fabric upholstered dining chairs are not your thing, then you need to come and sit on our faux leather dining chairs to test them out. Everyone’s favourite, the uncluttered, unfussy GUSTAV brown faux leather dining chair with metal legs are simply delightful.

Maverick Leather Armchair

What about an armchair with a difference? When it comes to adding style, MAVERICK RETRO brown leather armchair is a must. Deliciously round, it offers a comfortable base on which to recline, whilst maintaining an elegance all of its own with its pretty little feet and angular armrests.

A Lot More to See

These are just a teaser of the items that we have on display in our newly revamped studio. The great thing about our pieces is that the majority are made from a range of natural materials, and that means uniqueness without being over-the-top-quirky. So why not come and meet us and enjoy everything we have on offer?

Our studio address is: Brighton, Hove, Unit 6, Hove Business Centre BN3 6HA. 

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