In the spotlight : brand new kitchen furniture

Nottingham Extending Dining Table and Wooden Dining Chairs with kitchen white island

Breath new life into your farmhouse kitchen or kitchen and dining area with pieces from the stunning Nottingham Collection. Taking its cue from Swedish design, it brings freshness to a space, without being overly bright or too stark. With clean lines and minimal fuss, it is ideal for any kitchen or dining room.

Elegant in white, the Nottingham Collection has a rustic appeal. Charming and stylish, here’s how to add key pieces to your design.

Dining table and chairs

A table that graces your kitchen needs to be robust. As well as the place where you will gather and eat with family and friends, it will be put to a myriad of uses.

Nottingham White painted Extending Dining Table and Wooden Dining Chairs

You may think a white kitchen table would be a brave move but you get the best of both worlds with the Nottingham extendable white dining room table set. The set comes complete with stunning white dining table and Scandinavian dining chairs, perfect for creating the ‘complete look’.

The white frame of the table sits perfectly with the matching white-framed chairs. The dark wood table top is ideal for providing a perfect setting for the dinner table. Use quality white dinner service or for a farmhouse appeal, consider a dinner service with delicate blue flowers.

The Must-Have Practical Kitchen Island

We are so accustomed to furniture being fixed in a kitchen that it is a welcome change to have a free-standing, place-it-where-you-need-it-most kitchen island.

Nottingham White Painted Kitchen Island

The Nottingham kitchen island perfectly matches the rest of your kitchen. If you choose one piece, choose this one. With a cupboard and three drawers perfect for utensils, it encompasses the practicality of Swedish inspired design, without compromising on style.

The Kitchen Sideboard

Again, the epitome of design, style and elegance, there is something satisfyingly practical about the kitchen sideboard.

Nottingham Wooden White Painted Sideboard

A large sideboard, bold in statement but without being cumbersome, the well-loved combination of fresh, white frame matched with a dark sideboard top is ideal in any space. As well as the kitchen, this Nottingham kitchen sideboard would suit a dining room too or even a rustic-styled lounge.

The Display Cabinet

Not everything needs to be hidden away and as you would expect, we have thought of this too.

The white display cabinet with glass door allows for prettier things to be on display. Enhanced by the play of light with the glass doors, more precious items are kept safe from accidental damage.

The drawer is also perfect for storing placemats and napkins when not in use too. Or maybe keep your best cutlery for those special occasions.

Out of the Kitchen

The Nottingham Collection is not just for the kitchen. The TV unit extends the reach of this uncomplicated look to the lounge.

Nottingham White Painted TV Cabinet

Complete with integral shelving at ideal spacing to securely house TV boxes and other paraphernalia, the two side cupboards and small, cute drawer spaces are ideal for keeping the remotes in safe places. No more searching down the back of the sofa…

As a collection, this is, without a doubt, one of our most exciting ranges to date. Take a closer look to see how you could incorporate this fresh stylish look into your home.

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