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The new Home Accessories have landed

Add sophisticated style to your living space with the newly launched collection of artisanal home accessories available at Modish Living. The stunning collection of contemporary accessories are designed by Garth Williams and have been crafted in India by skilled craftsmen. 

Artisanal home decor relates to the craftsmanship and the characteristics of a piece and is the new trend for home decor this year. To inject a little bit of this upcoming trend, the unique crafted designs by Garth Williams are perfect. The new collection features everything from serving boards and bowls, contemporary mirrors and lighting. Perfect for adding style to any room in your home or as a gorgeous gift which will be treasured for years. 

Create drama in your dining room with the Calla Pewter Candle Holders. The sleek, luxurious style of the candle holders are perfect for adding interest to your dining table by adding depth without the need to clutter your room and take away from your beautiful reclaimed dining table. The beautiful design features an elegant, feminine curved frame and has been finished in a deep coating of pewter. The perfect statement accessory for your home this spring. 

Calla Pewter Candle Holder pair

If your dining table is in your kitchen, a gorgeous bowl makes a fantastic addition. The Encore Steel Basket Bowl features elegant stainless steel framing and open design which is perfect for holding colourful fruit. Great for injecting a little bit of colour and contemporary design. 

Encore Stainless Steel Basket Bowl


The collection also features the most fantastic selection of contemporary lighting. The Gold Round Gola Pendant Light would make a wonderful addition to your living room or bedroom. The spherical pendant light is crafted from pressed steel and has been finished in matt nickel for an elegant look which would work beautifully in any interior scheme. The delicate design allows for glimpses of the gold lacquered inside and for the light to radiate through in repeating geometric patterns all around your walls.

Gold Round Gola Pendant Light for Living Room


If you are looking for a a beautiful statement for the walls in your living room, bedroom or hallway, the Garth Williams Solaris Stainless Steel Round Mirror would look fantastic. The elegant round design was inspired by a bicycle wheel and the simple, stainless steel frame makes it easy to pair with any colour scheme.

Contemporary Wall Solaris Stainless Steel Round Mirror Home AccessoriesTo find beautiful, unique contemporary home decor for your living space, take a look at the Garth Williams collection at Modish Living. 

Product Launch: Sorio Reclaimed Wood Furniture

When industrial married boho, the show stopping Sorio Reclaimed Wood Furniture collection was born. Now available at Modish Living, the range would make a wonderful addition to any contemporary home.

Each piece in the unique range has been luxuriously handcrafted in India using a mix of 100% reclaimed wood and materials, perfect for creating a statement in any living room, dining room, or bedroom. Here are a few of my top picks from the range:
Sorio Reclaimed Wood 5 Drawer Small Chest of Drawers
I simply adore the Sorio Reclaimed Wood 5 Drawer Small Chest of Drawers. The unusual design is perfect if you are looking for a compact storage option which is far from boring. The design features five irregular sized drawers stacked on one another and each has a different styled front for a fabulous, eclectic finish.
Sorio Reclaimed Wood TV Cabinet Wheels
Stylish and practical, the Sorio Reclaimed Wood TV Cabinet on Wheels is a true beauty. The eco-friendly design offers plenty of storage for media players or DVDs, books and living essentials with its combination of drawers and shelves and the addition of wheels makes this piece fully flexible.
Sorio Reclaimed Wood Large Sideboard
The Sorio Reclaimed Wood Large Sideboard is certainly striking. The beautiful design manages to incorporate boho prints and animal prints in the most sophisticated way and really would look wonderful in your dining room or hallway.

The best thing about this collection, is the variety of colours makes it easy to blend into almost any décor scheme. If you’re not sure about making a statement with both your colour scheme and furniture, place the Sorio Reclaimed Wood Furniture range in an all-white room and it will shine brightly as the star of the show!

To view the full Sorio collection, take a look at the Modish Living collection or get in touch with one of our team for more information.

Product Launch: Wall Clocks

Large Wall Clock

Our brand new collection of wall clocks is simply stunning. Available in a variety of colours and styles, there is a gorgeous clock for every interior scheme. Here are a few of my favourites from the range, plus a couple of gorgeous styling ideas!

One of the reasons a large wall clock is a fantastic option is it will give an instant update to your space without spending a small fortune! With elegant shapes and interesting designs, wall clocks are absolutely perfect for instantly spicing up your kitchen, living room or hallway.

Large Metal and Gold Wall Clock (102cm)
If you are looking for something to liven up your living space, the Large Metal and Gold Wall Clock is perfect. The clock features a slim black metal frame which makes it easy to blend into any interior, but the gold numerals and hands really sets it apart for a stunning industrial finish. The clock is also available with silver detailing for an understated and sophisticated look.

Extra Large Vintage Metal Wall Clock(110cm)
I also love the Extra Large Vintage Metal Wall Clock with the contrast of the light blue numerals against the black metal framing. Perfect for creating vintage style with a stunning industrial twist.

Pale Grey and Off White Vintage Metal Wall Clock (110cm)
My personal favourite clock in the collection is the Pale Grey and Off White Vintage Metal Clock. The light colour of the large wall clock makes it perfect for seamlessly blending into any contemporary décor scheme. Finished with dainty grey hands, the clock will add elegance and sophistication to any room.

Extra Large Black Metal Wall Clock (110cm)
Wall clocks are perfect for blending into your interior design scheme if you pick a style in the same colour palette as your room. However, I think large wall clocks were made to make a statement! For example, in a white or very light room, the Extra Large Black Metal Wall Clock would look amazing! You could even create a wall of clocks by hanging lots of clocks in various colours and styles for a dramatic, contemporary centrepiece to your room.

To take a peek at the complete collection of wall clocks at Modish Living, please visit our website or, for more information, get in touch with one of our team.