Time to spruce up your garden with wonderful furniture

Rattan Hanging Nest Chair

With the shackles of winter slowly releasing its grip – but not before one last dance with snow, ice and Storm Emma! – we look forward to the warmer months of spring and summer. And this year our range of garden furniture is better, bigger and bolder.

Rattan hanging nest chair

We know rattan is a great natural material for use in the outdoors and we know that less formal seating is the perfect stylish option – this hanging nest chair is the perfect combination of both. As rattan outdoor furniture goes, this rattan hanging nest chair is ideal for gently swinging in the breeze whilst clutching your favourite novel and enjoying the sun.

Whitcombe Teak Garden Trestle Table

Whitcombe Teak Garden Table

Entertaining in the garden is something many of us enjoy in the summer months and like our home, squashing family and friends around an outdoor table with good food and drinks is the ideal way of spending time together. Ditch the wobbly plastic table and opt for this beautiful, hardwood trestle style table instead. Simply beautiful, more so with pretty crockery, delicious food and great company.

Walderton Rattan Corner Garden Sofa

Walderton PE Rattan Garden Corner Sofa Set with Coffee Table

Rattan is a fantastic material when it comes to creating stylish and functional outdoor furniture. A sustainable material that grows quickly, once weaved and dried together it is also incredibly strong too. With a range of colours, there are all kinds of stylish items to choose from but this rattan corner sofa garden set is perfect for creating a comfy seating area in any garden.

Ashwicke Rattan Garden Chairs

Ashwicke PE Rattan Garden Chairs with Cushion

Sticking with rattan for the moment, we think these off-grey outdoor chairs are simply delicious. They would look great framed with an outdoor rug, complete with a low-level coffee or patio table, complete with candles for a romantic evening or two in the summer. The slightly curved back means that there is plenty of lumbar support and so lounging on these for a few hours in the warm, summer sunshine won’t be a problem.

West Strand Corner Sofa Set

West Strand Corner Sofa Set With Coffee Table

Grey has been the stylish, must-have colour for the past few seasons and it doesn’t look like this is about to change which is great news because this contemporary corner sofa garden set is simply divine. The great thing about grey is the fact that it is a neutral colour and will team with any colour. So, when it comes to accessories, pep it up with bright red cushions and other rainbow colours. Or, if you want a classic timeless look then the white and lavender purple scheme works just as well.

Outdoor living has long been trumpeted as an extension of the home but what has been lacking is the stylish and functional garden furniture items. Like furniture in the home, there is no denying that the best way forward is to invest in pieces that are elegant and timeless, but also withstand the great British weather. What will you invest in for your garden this year

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