Top 4 tips on choosing the Perfect Dining Chair

Once you have found the perfect dining table for your home, finding dining chairs to match can be tricky. There is generally the option to go for chairs in the exact style of the table, but if you want to mix it up, it can be a little overwhelming. But have no fear – these top tips will make your hunt for the perfect chairs a little easier.

When decorating a room, it’s important to keep a theme or style in mind. Sometimes contrasting styles can look super stylish, but make sure you decide the style you want to achieve. Once you know the look you want to achieve, it is much easier to focus on finding a style that will match.

RetroSit Capri Dining Chair in Grey (pair) - Modish Living

For example, the RetroSit Capri Dining Chairs would look fantastic for a sleek, contemporary room whilst the Light Oak and Jute Dining Chairs would be stunning in a natural or Scandinavian inspired dining room.

Light Oak and Jute Dining Chairs (pair) - Modish Living
If you have children, it is important to consider the practicality of your dining chairs. With young children, wood or leather chairs are great because they can easily be wiped down.

However, if you really do want material, go for a dark material like the Brook Dining Chair as they won’t show marks so easily.

Stella Cream Upholstered Dining Chairs (pair) - Modish Living
Next, try to think about what you use your dining chairs for in the main. If you tend to only use your dining table for dinner parties, larger upholstered evening styles like the Florence Dining Chair would be fantastic as they are perfect for creating a sophisticated and luxurious space.

Once you have found the perfect style for your home, make sure you think about how many chairs can easily be tucked away under the table. Unless you have a very large space, you may not want to have extra chairs sat outside the table permanently. Although, extra chairs can look fantastic in a hall area or bedroom with scarves and hats draped on them.

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Charlotte Blackmore, Blog Editor

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