Welcome the glamour of the new in range - the Belfort

There is a trend that has quietly made it way onto the scene and has yet to slide away. And it is being increasingly noticed and used by designers. It is something that our customers have been asking us for and thus, we have brought a new Collection to the Modish Living family.

But what is this trend we talk of? Brass and gold finishes.

Brass, gold, glamour

We live in increasingly uncertain times in which the status quo is under constant scrutiny. The world is grey and turbulent. Many designers say that in such times, our tastes change as we look for glamour, luxury and relief from the demands of life – and it is coming in the shape of brass and gold metallic finishes.

Something that the Belfort Collection has in abundance. If you want a little edge of glamour, if you want 1920s decadent appeal – a style trend in itself that was in direct answer to the horrors of the Great War – then this is the Collection for you.

Why brass?

The golden hues of this metallic finish, along with gold tones, brings a warmth to a space. It is a familiar colour and finish and one that works so well in any home, from the busy family space to the bachelorette and bachelor pad.

We welcome exquisite pieces in this collection including;

Belfort Industrial Dining Table

The table top of the Belfort dining table is resin, a textured surface that brings yet more detail to the beauty of all these pieces. A 6-seater table and chairs in the dining room brings so many possibilities to styling it.

Why can’t the dining room be a stylish haven of excess? Invest in coloured velvet dining chairs for a truly beautiful centrepiece in the dining room. Matching accessories should be gold or brass in tone but if you feel you need to switch it up, black accessories in moderation would work too. But frankly, why hide your brass under a bushel…?

In the living room, we have several options for adding a pop of glamour and decadence alongside an industrial coffee table and other pieces from our other collections.

Belfort Coffee Table

Who doesn’t love the look of brown leather? And who doesn’t love the symphony played between brown leather sofas and armchairs and brass? A marriage made in heaven we think with the Belfort brass coffee table sitting alongside the sofa – up your game and opt for a plush, upholstered sofa and you have yet more glamour.

Belfort Round Nest of Tables

We also have the Belfort round nest of tables to play with too, perfect for the living room but also a pleasant addition to other rooms too – why not add them to your reading nook?

There is also the rather understated addition of the Belfort side table to consider too. Again, perfect for the living room or how about it being the bedside table in your relaxing, yet uber-stylish bedroom?

Belfort Console Table

For the hallway, we have the Belfort slim console table. Pick up the beauty of this piece with a brass base table lamp, and a small gathering of pretty accessories. But you know, like most items, this piece can be used in spaces other than the hallway. It could add extra detailing to the dining room, for example, and easily grace the living room with its presence.

Modern in appeal, there is something about the Belfort Collection that will make it a popular choice. Tell us what you think.

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