Welcome the new Rocco Oak collection

Rocco Industrial Oak Dining Table and Cleo Chairs

The sublime combination of sustainable oak and dark steel comes together effortlessly in a new collection we are proud to welcome to our range.

We are confident the Rocco Collection won’t leave you wanting.

Rocco pieces for the living room 

The living room is an important communal space in the home. It needs to meet so many needs and functions, but without compromising on your chosen style.

How many of us compromise with living room furniture, fitting our storage needs around what items offer?

Rocco Industrial Rustic Oak Tall Bookcase

With the Rocco Collection,there is no need. For example, the rather beautiful statuesque Rocco industrial style unit offers more than enough closed and open storage solutions. The unimposing feel of the collection prevents it from looming large, even though this shelving unit stands just over a meter and a half.

For a taller but more slender look, the industrial bookshelf is a must. You could easily create a wall of shelving with this bookcase or use as pillars either side of the sideboard or storage unit.

Rocco Industrial Rustic Oak Sideboard

Equally at home in the living room as it is in the dining room, the Rocco industrial sideboard oozes all the warmth of sustainably sourced European oak alongside a slimline appearance.

There were many things that attracted us to this collection but we have to say, the slimline, barely-there dark steel handles gave us the chills.

If you are looking for effortless style and chic streamlining without the feeling of blandness, then this is the collection for you.

Rocco Industrial Rustic Oak Coffee Table

Just take a look at the square coffee table, for example. All that tabletop space and clever storage could be yours, right there in your living room.

Keep the sense of cohesion with the Rocco TV unit, perfect for keeping your technology and its cables in place without the feeling that the living room is dominated by the TV.

Or how about the Rocco console table with storage? With a slighter depth that other pieces, this piece fits nicely into any living room but is graceful for the smaller living room. It’s lack of ‘bulkiness’ also makes it a contender for the hallway or even the landing.

Graceful Rocco pieces for the dining room

Many of our collections boast pieces that would fit in any room in the house but we couldn’t leave the dining room bereft of a Rocco dining table.

To this end, we have two beautiful pieces, both effortless fusions of style without the fuss.

Rocco Industrial Rustic Oak Spider Leg Dining Table

The spider leg dining table is possibly the most inspired detailing you will find on industrial style furniture, a style scheme that rarely welcomes or seeks out fussy details.

Or the other piece is the Rocco industrial dining table, complete with streamlined legwork and a smooth-to-the-touch and the eye sustainable European oak table top. 

Your style, with personality

When we seek out new collections, we think through how they could be incorporated into a home. 

We think the warmth of the oak, one of the best quality timbers for furniture, would shine as star of the show with muted tones as a backdrop, something that is in keeping with the industrial style too.

We see it with a lighter shade of sage green or with the breathtaking freshness of baby blue. What colours do you see the Rocco Collection working well with?

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