Welcome the stunning Mitcham industrial oak collection!

Mitcham Industrial Oak Dining Table Top

We have high expectations of the reclaimed wood collections we choose to stock here at Modish Living. And our expectations are exceeded by both the style and quality of the pieces in our latest product range to be added to our growing collection.

The Mitcham Industrial Oak collection is stunning beyond words. A sublime combination of the industrial style with the beauty and depth and character of oak, there is a little something about this superior collection that we know you will love.

We look forward to it becoming one of our best-selling collections but what is in store?

The dining table

We like ‘something different’ every now and then without it being uber-quirky so that it fits and settles in most modern homes. And we know the range of dining tables will be just what you want.

Mitcham Industrial Oak Cross Leg Dining Table

Available in a selection of sizes, the character of the oak industrial dining table top is stunning and delicious to the eye. There is solidness that makes any size dining table from the Mitcham range a stunning addition to your home.

But what sets it out as something a little different is the legwork of the table. Known as a spider leg, it defies logic in many ways that a table top which appears too heavy can be held aloft on a series of legs that just don’t look strong enough. 

But the spider legwork is strong enough and constructed in such a way that the solid wood dining table will last for decades and longer.

The dining chairs that complement the table so well are from the Cleo range. The industrial dining chairs are in a choice of two colours, both in a PU leather finish. Opt for a beautiful tan or a modern grey leather to ring the changes.

The sideboard

Mitcham Industrial Oak Sideboard

What dining room would be complete without the supporting industrial furniture pieces in the play? The industrial sideboard is not to be side-lined and we know that the chessboard frontage to the pieces will be something that adds detail and interest without swamping a room.

Mitcham Industrial Oak and Concrete Sideboard

The industrial look is about mixing the heritage of the industrial past with the modern way of living and thus, for the first time, we see concrete enter the Modish Living studio. With an example of one of the Mitcham industrial sideboards coming with a collar of concrete resin, you really can up the stakes in the industrial styled dining room.

Across the home

Like our other ranges, we make sure we bring you plenty of choice and scope when it comes to opting for a cohesive look across your home. And for many, that begins and ends with choosing items from the same range.

Mitcham Industrial Oak Side Table

From bookcases to industrial units, to console for use in the hallway or smaller pockets or space, we are confident that the Mitcham Industrial Oak range has all the solutions you could possibly want and need. Take a closer look…

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