What makes reclaimed wood furniture so special?

Rustic Reclaimed Wood used in Farmhouse Furniture

In recent years, reclaimed wood has seen an enormous increase in popularity but it is not hard to see why!

So, what exactly is reclaimed wood? Every day, across the world, buildings can be found falling apart or being taken down to make room for new ones. But the wood in these buildings is often still of wonderful quality so it completely reusable. The wood from these buildings is rescued and used to create beautiful new pieces with plenty of warmth and style.

The unique appearance of reclaimed wood is the charm of reclaimed wood, and the reason why so many people are now choosing to use reclaimed wooden furniture in their homes.

The distinct, aged look of reclaimed furniture is impossible to recreate with new wood and it is this look which makes any reclaimed piece a treasure for your home.

The nail holes are removed but the historical markings are restored and managed. Each of these markings have a story behind them and makes each piece truly unique.

But not only is reclaimed wood gorgeous when you buy it, it gets more beautiful as it ages. The natural markings in the wood mean that as the piece ages, the markings are only enhanced, so you will get years of enjoyment from any reclaimed piece.

When it comes to stylish reclaimed furniture, designers in contemporary homes are often blending beautiful old rustic styles with modern soft upholstery to mix the styles, giving it a chic stylish finish.

To find the perfect reclaimed furniture style for your home, visit the Modish Living website or contact one of our team.

Charlotte Blackmore, Blog Editor

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  • Anuj Sharma

    Reclaimed wood furniture is really good… One should go for it that save trees.. Thanks to share!

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