Why choose a bed with a headboard

There are so many options on the market when it comes to finding the perfect new bed. Personally I love the look of beds which make a feature of bedheads which are perfect for enhancing the style of any room.

Headboards are a fantastic way to make a statement in your bedroom, creating a luxurious boutique style in your bedroom. But not only are they stylish, they are also a practical option as they allow you to sit up in bed. Plus, scatter pillows look better when leaning up against a bedhead.

Choose a bedhead that goes with your colour scheme. If you’re looking to add character to a room, consider going for a reclaimed bedhead. The Sweet Dreams English Beam Reclaimed Wood Slat Bed has been beautifully handcrafted in the UK using Victorian reclaimed wood to give a wonderful charm.

For contemporary Nordic inspired style, choose a light finish. I love the Hudson Living Wycombe Luxury Oak Bed because the unique bedhead is perfect for gorgeous statement. The headboard has a rounded finish and gently hugs around the bed, perfect for placing in most décor schemes to give a Scandinavian twist.

Dorset Reclaimed Wood King Size Bed

Or if you’re looking to add more light to your room, try a white painted bedhead. The Dorset Reclaimed Wood Kingsize Bed will create a fresh oasis in your bedroom. The curved headboard and footboard gives a glamorous finish and the bright white paint ensures your room remains bright and spacious. Alternatively, for a slight twist on the white painted bedhead, take a look at the Hudson Living Marlow Bed Painted in Grey.

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Charlotte Blackmore, Blog Editor

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