Why your home needs a white dresser to be fashionable

A white dresser makes the perfect storage solution and is the perfect classic staple which will stand the test of time. What I particularly love about simple, white furniture is you can show really your personal style by the objects you display, perfect for any kitchen or dining room. 

Large kitchen with white furniture and white kitchen dresser

In a small kitchen, a dresser can help with the organisation as it will display the items you wish to showcase and hide the ones you don't. Something like the Savannah Reclaimed Wood Medium Kitchen Dresser is perfect with its combination of shelf, cupboard and drawer space with plenty of space for dinnerware, glasses and dining accessories.

Worcester Reclaimed Wood Large White Dresser

A white dresser will add the illusion of an airy, open space perfect for keeping any room beautifully bright. Not only this, white can be accessorised with any colour to create a wonderful statement and will really enhance the look of coloured accessories. Alternatively, for a modern kitchen design approach go for a full white kitchen. The Windsor Large White Glass Cabinet is absolutely stunning! With its beautiful glass panels, it is perfect for placing in a sleek, contemporary kitchen. 

Small white dresser with cut out of top

If you have a more colourful space, or love coloured furniture, mixing styles with a white piece of furniture in a small coloured kitchen or dining room will tone down the colours making the atmosphere more calming, perfect for relaxing with a glass of wine. White is simply perfect if you have coloured ceilings or walls, especially with darker colours which are being seen more and more in home decor. 

White Dorset Reclaimed Wood Dresser with detachable top

Take a look at the collection of gorgeous reclaimed wood dressers at Modish Living, or get in touch with one of our team members for more information. 

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