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June 2013, a long awaited summer..

After some lovely sunny days, I felt it was time to give our store room a tidy up.  Hiding away in the corner, I discovered the old wooden sash window  we had placed in there while renovating our home, which I didn't have the heart to throw it away at the time.  

The window itself was in good shape, although had come apart from each other. I therefore decided to use the sash window as two picture frames.  

Little equipment was needed to transform the sash window in to two stunning pictures, which would add character and style to our home.  To make this, a new back was cut to size, and painted in black chalk paint.  The window frame itself was sanded back and painted in white. Depending on your preference you could use any paint for the actual frame, either keeping in character with the traditional gloss which is used for outdoor protection, or using indoor paints.  As this particular piece was intended for indoors, a soft chalk based paint was used.  

When using a chalk based paint, I would always recommend waxing a couple of times to make sure the look you have created, keeps for a nice amount of time. 


In the main panels, I decided to add both my daughters christening dresses, which had previously just been tucked away, and now allowed me to see them made as a pretty colourful picture as well as adding a personal touch for me and the family to enjoy in our dining room.  What always amazes me, is this now creates so much interest when holding dinner parties, and I love hearing everyone's different views.   


Within the other half, I inserted 6 family photos and draped a small bunting around the frame.  A perfect touch our family room. 

These are just examples of what I've created, however you can add anything in to an upcycled picture frame such as flowers, notes, material and so the list goes on.  

If you have any question, or if you would like to add your suggestions, then feel free to leave a comment below.

Justine x  


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  • Chloe

    great idea! I also love the way you have added dresses in to the picture – as so often they just get boxed away. Much better to put them on show :)

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