7 reasons to have a reclaimed wooden dining table in your home

reclaimed wood dining table | reclaimed wood furniture

1. Green

The first reason that springs to many peoples mind when talking about using reclaimed wood to build a dining room table, is the positive impact this has on our resources, thus making it an environmentally friendly option.  Re-using old timber joists that would otherwise be burnt or buried, is a sustainable and low carbon option.  

2. Character 

There is no doubt about it,  re-using timbers is full of rich history and character.  It is the history of reclaimed wood that gives each piece it's own identity.  Much of its character and unique texture comes from the scars of its previous industrial use.  


3. Unique 

Unlike manufactured off the shelf products, every reclaimed wood dining table that is handmade by our craftsmen in the workshop, is completely unique with it's own markings and finish.  

reclaimed wood dining table | reclaimed wood furniture


4. Solid wood

There are many different qualities to be found in wood.  One of the advantageous of using reclaimed wood for your dining room table, involves using solid thick wood through-out.  The strength and durability of old wood is exceptionally good, especially when using up to 150 year old thick timber joists, which have been rescued from old factories, barns and houses across the UK.


5. Convenient

The convenience of having a handmade, made to order table, by our in-house craftsmen, means you get the exact requirements needed.  Having custom made furniture is seen as a luxury, however having it handmade at standard pricing is what makes us particularly unique.  Often people are restricted to working with set sizing and finishes, however we can make whatever our customers want, even bespoke designs.  Our aim is to provide beauty that fits in with your living, not for you to fit around it's living. 


6. Design / Trends

With lifestyle and interiors magazines increasingly stressing the beauty and ethics of reclaimed wood furniture, it is clear the trend is moving more towards a bespoke, handmade, greener and more sustainable living.  People seem to want more uniqueness these days, and are happy to re-use materials in the process.


7. Family friendly

A great thing about having a reclaimed table top is that it can suit all people and fit in to all lifestyles.  Often seen in trendy designer led homes, as well as pubs/restaurants/coffee shops, they are fantastic at hiding new markings, which ultimately just blend in with the old marking.  We feel a chunky reclaimed wood dining table is an ideal family table for all. 

reclaimed wood dining table | reclaimed wood furniture





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