Eco Chic & Eco Furniture

 Here at Modish Living, we focus on eco chic and eco furniture.  

chic furniture | reclaimed wood dining table

What does this mean?  

Well this might be interpreted differently by different people, however for us it means we continually focus on bringing out new modern living designs that are chic and stylish, using as much eco friendly materials as possible.  

We use reclaimed wood, recycled materials as well as sustainably managed timber.  We focus on reducing our carbon footprint, thus are growing our team of highly skilled craftsmen here in the UK, who all use locally sourced reclaimed timber and materials. 

A large misconception of reclaimed wood furniture is that it's more suitable for the country living.  Our team of experts therefore look at ways on how to display traditionally made furniture in chic styles by adding accessories as seen on the image below. 

chic furniture | reclaimed wood blanket box

Having eco furniture on it's own, it not necessarily to everyones taste, even when's it's been accessorised.  This is why our design team regularly get together to brainstorm new ideas on making new chic furniture styles.  

What makes furniture chic?

Well, this does depend a little on the person.  However our next chic design, which is our Nordic design, thus branded Trondheim, will be incorporating metal with a slim lined reclaimed wood table top, a much desired city look.  

Having eco furniture has another advantageous, one of convenience.  

Furniture handmade here in the UK, can all be ordered to your exact specification.  If your dining room will only allow you to have a certain width dining table, then our team can build it using made to measure specifications.  Unlike many stores  across the UK who import mass produced furniture, our eco furniture is all unique and made to order.  

Mass produced furniture does of course have the benefit of being made at a low cost price, often passed on to the customers, thus become more  affordable.  However here at Modish Living, pricing is done on tight margins, delivering furniture directly from the makers to your doorstep.  Although we are unable to compete price wise with mass produced off the shelf furniture, we are able to offer high quality, environmentally friendly, made-to-measure furniture that's offered at affordable prices, and all handmade furniture.  

chic furniture | reclaimed wood dining table 

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